Robert Marshal meets Mark Knopfler


Marshal’s strange introduction to John Illsley’s flat mate Dirk, (Mark Knopfler) had roused the poets suspicions about his invite back to the council house in Deptford, London. He had gay friends but they never acted the heavy gangster, in fact they were the opposite, and Dirk’s (Mark Knopfler) statement, “Is this the guy whose going to make me a millionaire,” still worried him for he and Illsley had spoken about the use of drugs in the music industry, so as far as

the poet was concerned it could have been  a old bill set up.?

“John says your a lyricist,” Knopfler suddenly asked, in, a are you sure manner, and when the poet nodded his head in agreement, he added  in a almost hypocritical and disbelieving voice,’Then show me,”….

With his heckles raised by Knopfler’s challenge, Marshal rose from the chair putting aside the guitar, inwardly feeling like a cowboy from a Western whose bluff  had been called for a shoot out. “Have you got paper,” he replied looking questioningly around the room that seemed lacking in even a envelope,”We will need plenty paper,”? he stated in a don’t piss me off voice.

“We are students,” Knopfler told him, and headed into what seemed to be a bedroom and returned with a small bundle of writing paper,”Students always have paper,” he chided, “And other things,” he said smiling for the first time…

And before a line of Cocaine had been chopped, or a warrant card had been produced Marshal had written what he called the bands opening number. Southbound Again. Its fast and straight to the point no messing about message of the poets continuous trips North, and his long trek South over the Tyne that the Scots see as the English border, the journey down the old A1 always taking him further and further  from home and his loved ones.

The short verses in the lyric forced Marshal to add two extra parts to it that really has no part at all in the song, ” But it fills the gap”, he told the watching Knopfler who took what he had written over to Illsley, who seemed taken up with other things, and took little interest, a bit like a father with two children in the room.

All groups need a song that they can call their own Marshal explained, and he began to write Sultans of Swing kneeling on the floor while Knopfler went over to the top of a old dresser top, and do what a mans got to do, if the party is to keep going. Putting a line of Cocaine together.

The lyrics of Sultans are based on Marshal’s own experiences in London, and Manchester, where brown baggies and platform soles were the norm up North, and where guitar George was a actual member of a band that regularly played in a venue called the, Stoneground. But Marshal was telling Knopfler that it would take more than just knowing guitar chords that would get him on the music scene, he would have to make it cry and sing. And of course George rhymes with chords.

And Harry who was not a friend of Mark Knopfler’s, was a member of the poet’s own family, his brother in law, who was a person who knew everything, and never stopped telling you to get a job, and would actually go to where Honky Tonk music was played, usually on a Friday night.

Where the jazz went down was at the Old Londoner, a huge pub in Limehouse, now sadly demolished, the other venues in London who had jazz venues were in the West End and you could get ten Dexedrine for a pound note. And the Sultans of Swing is a hypothetical name for a band, that could have been called Swinging the Lead, or just Two Chancer’s in a Room Writing lyrics, there was never a band of that name, it was fictitious and made up lyrically by Marshal.

When Knopfler returned Marshal had almost finished the lyric, and that seemed to finally break the ice, as did the intake of drugs, and the poet found he was warming to this strange looking guy who said he was from Newcastle, but what Newcastle?.

When Knopfler asked how the poet found the words, Marshal began to write Water of Love, using the buildings around the house for the picture, and the feelings of actually being in the dark interior for the mood. High and dry in the long hot day, Lost and lonely every way, Got the flats all around, sky up above, All I need is a little water of love. This impressed Knopfler who again went over to Illsley, who the poet states took no part in the use of stimulants of any kind, and is just a Straight in that department anyway.

So it came as a complete surprise to Marshal after Knopfler had left them alone in the sitting room, that Illsley six feet four in height warned the startled Poet, “To back  off,” as he didn’t like the way his flatmate and Marshal were bonding,”I don’t know what your game is,” he added getting a blank look from the confused Poet,”He’s with me,” he informed him with a narrowed stare as Knopfler entered the room breaking the ice that Marshal claims you could cut with a knife.

Knopfler had sussed something had gone on between the two but made light of the friction, as he was more concerned with the writing of the lyrics. But again when Marshal and Illsley were alone, the Poet was pulled up again,”Look into my eyes,” Illsley demanded in a aggressive tone,”You do understand what I was saying earlier,” he said glaring down at the now enlightened Marshal, who now understood the big twits problem. Illsley and Knopfler were twosome a couple of Gay guys and he was trespassing on Illsleys patch so to speak. “We are just writing lyrics,” Marshal answered wondering if he was going to have to deck the jealous lover.

That if he had would have been the end of any band called DIRE STRAITS, but he claims that was one of the reasons he declined Illsley’s offer of returning to the flat in Deptford South London. That on a Tuesday was a open door and Punk night for young would be guitarists, where Illsley has said he tuned their guitars. It was when Marshal was leaving the house and Illsley informed the Poet that his friend Knopfler had a brother who was out at the moment and should be back soon, sort of like Marshal’s lyric,”Here Ive got Mandy for you.” It was then that the Poet decided to exclude himself from the company and get on with his life as a Novelist, and leave the threesome alone in their own Dire Straits, that Les Boys on the Communique album  seemed to prove that it was not the Rock band that Marshal had in mind, but a Gay band that still seemed to be dominated by John Illsley the Boss?. Hence the reason for Marshal’s long delay in contacting Mark Knopfler…

The two things that John Illsley did do for DIRE STRAITS was introduce Marshal to Mark Knopfler and give the Poet the idea for Wild West End. The story in the lyric about their meeting earlier that fateful day. But to consider himself worth 15 million pounds, that he grossed being the bass player beggars belief.?

Those Mist covered Mountains was written to show Knopfler the various types of lyrics Marshal could write, one for Folk the other for Rock and Roll, Here comes Johnny was just another hook coming from the Poets days in the sixties, when words like Be Bop A lula, and songs like Johnny Be Good  and Peggy Sue were the rage. The poet just took the meanings a little bit deeper, including prostitution where the woman is down in the tunnels trying to get some pay, and when its all over, you do the walk you do the walk of  life.

Brothers in Arms, These Mist covered Mountains, is a Scottish folk lyric one of many Marshal has written, and with the poet having been a serving soldier in the Royal Scots, the Royal Regiment. He had a artillery of hooks and knowledge of soldiering, as well as a family  history, that stretches back to the Norman landings of 1066, and clan castle called Dunottar where at one time the Scottish Crown jewels were held in safety.

After the 1714 uprising the Marshal’s either went to France, or were given useless land in the lowlands. With David Knopfler not being in the house when the lyrics were written, it has nothing to do with the Knopfler brothers. Who starts theses myths…..This is part one of Marshal’s first meeting with Mark Knopfler and the writing of the lyrics, and is a extract from Marshal’s novel, National Dried Milk

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  1. Posted by Marco on December 17, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Hi Robert, you say you have evidence, but where is it? Maybe if you publish it online it might help your cause


    • Marco there is something rotten in the Music Business, and especially with Mark Knopflers management and that’s not Rock and Roll, where the dealers get together and decide who gets the breaks and who goes in the gallery. If Knopfler wrote that he would be as pissed off as Iam, instead he’s a bird of the same feather and they all stick together, and as it is money they are interested in Marco, not the fans so they remain silent about my part in Dire Straits. For every year they do this and it is now seven since I came out of hiding, their bank balance has never changed by their silence, and this goes for David Knopfler who seems to be a innocent pawn in his brother Mark and John Illsley’s conspiracy to defraud me. As a writer I’m used to being in the background and letting actors or musicians and singers get the limelight, so I did not put the blog on the Web looking for publicity,it was because I’m part of the Dire Straits history. And if I wasn’t I would be in the Law Courts facing libel charges, I put forward my claim it is now up too Knopfler and Illsley to dispute it, and maybe its the evidence you want to see that makes my part factual but that will be for the Courts to decide. However I will be putting some of it on You Tube either before the New Year or just after, and I do understand your own and the Dire Strait fans for wanting the truth and that is what I have written, its now up to my two partners to justify my part and pay up.


  2. Posted by Brock on January 24, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    It’s really gay how you call yourself “the poet”


  3. Posted by DV on March 16, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Who is the girl on the left side?


    • Is it a female or a guy in women’s clothing? Maybe you should ask that question to the Markintime Org they seem to know everything about D.S. Or maybe its a Knoflerina, another D.S. book of knowledge, I personally think its D.K. I cannot imagine Knopfler or Illsley paying for a model, it might be the Knopflers mother, or a kilted Geordie..


  4. Soon Chris, very soon.


  5. In 2006 I met up with John Illsley at St James London where he was having a exhibition of his art work, and reminded him of my part in the start of Dire Straits. He told me that he and Mark Knopfler did not know why, I, after so much time had passed wanted to get in touch. Now that was said from someone who is living of the proceeds of my writing of the lyrics, and my idea for a band called Dire Straits. This arrogant and ignorant behavior, made the reason for my appearance which was that through illness, I’d been given less than ten years to live, slip from my mind after that type of welcome. Now you said seven months that was seven years ago, and I’m still waiting on a answer. However during the recent seven months, I sent a email to Mark Knopflers manager Paul Crocketford, who replied saying he would pass it onto M.K.s lawyers, nothing happened, I sent another email reminding Crocketford of the first email, he responded with a email that I would say was written by someone who enjoys the Champagne a bit to much. Then M.K. went on tour, I then contacted Greg Pearle and asked him if he would consider making a video with me, and reinventing the Dire Straits songs that seem to have been neglected as I wrote the lyrics. He agreed but then declined later, saying that his own work would not leave the time for this project. With hindsight me sitting in front of a video camera explaining what I have already written, does not appeal to me, and now that M.K. has again flown the coup time goes on.


  6. Posted by Sammy on April 3, 2014 at 10:01 am

    MK is a pretty slippery customer alright.


  7. Posted by vince on March 23, 2018 at 10:13 am

    National Dried Milk, I cannot locate this book, do you have any info regarding publishers or the house that produced it?


    • I don’t understand how those who have read the D.S. story have missed the part where Ive written under various pen names. The National Dried Milk is still being written, as Ive another project on the go. So before you go searching into the Edinburgh Novel, or the Edina Burgh Poet, they are both in the Scottish National Library, Edinburgh, and I wrote them under the name of Marshall Jackson, and to prove theres no hard feelings on my part for any doubt, I used to write for the Edinburgh Evening News features under the guise of George Wrightwell,ha ha.


  8. If you were to put yourself into Knopfler or Illsley’s position, and someone was saying what I have said about them, you would just let it be said about you and not do a thing about it, or perhaps say why should a Elephant be worried about a mouse. Of course I have proof I have a email from Knopfler verifying he knows me and that I wrote the lyrics, but that is for the Courts, and the reason this blog wont be coming down. You can call what Ive written what you want, we do have a freedom of speech, but the only misinformation on this site is what you have written.


    • So the Tadley nutter returns, Two Many Guitars, Anonymous Coward, Barred from Facebook for Identity theft and stalking a family, threatening a innocent Brownie Leader, and her troop by again making threats to come to the village. Making vulgar suggestions to a woman and her three children. And claiming on Amarkintime you had to get the police to me. No pal I had to to get the police,and if your still working with Autistic children aged from 5 to 19 in Tadley, the fear I know you have caused children through your vile threats, makes me wonder what state the N.H.S. is in when they have to employ people like you. Mr Finucane if I were to put your last idiotic and vile comment onto this blog it would only prove what I have been saying, your mentally deranged and should be assessed by your employers to see if your in the right state of mind to be a carer. You were already warned by the police that all your communication with me is being monitored and go directly to Hampshire, so your last outburst only proves what a nutcase you are, god help those children in your care. And for those Mark Knopfler fans on amarkintime who have swallowed the rubbish you have spouted, this is a very dangerous person so do not give him your email address under no circumstances. This is why you were reported to the police, you have sent me another comment that just proves your mentally unstable and the need for me to warn others such as D.S. fans on amarkintime about you. Anyone who starts a blog saying, “I was just trawling through the Web looking for some PORN, when I came across this site,” then states that they look after children, needs their head looked into. The nice thing for me is I can make you disappear with two digits one marked Spam, thats a tin of mixed meat without taste, the other is Trash something that goes straight into the bucket, and you fit both criteria, rather than tell you to go and bother someone else, why don’t you go and speak to one of the Doctors in Tadley and get yourself treated, for your definitely unstable.


  9. Posted by Tadley Nutter on March 13, 2020 at 3:40 am

    You’re so clever and marvelous Marshall


    • Nice to see your using your right name Chris Finucane, as those on Amarkintime found out eventually, and got rid of you and the variety of names you used to answer and question yourself on that blog, people like you are twisted and slither about through the internet looking for victims, just like your doing now, but you were found out as a creeper. You said I tried to get you the sack from the Tadley Priory that caters for autistic children, your behaviorisms that have got you barred from Facebook for identity theft, and other blogs including Amarkintime, just proves how unstable and dangerous you are, and being allowed to work with vulnerable people with those traits is not on, and I’d like to remind you that everything you have said about me has been proved wrong, and what I have said about you is fact so slither away Finucane and isolate yourself like a coronavirus victim and seek medical help, and after your last comment that I wont put on this site, claiming your a relative of someone who has died of Covid 19 and taking offence at my mention of printing what people with this virus must do if they contact the disease, my thoughts about how on this earth you were given a job as a carer when your so obviously mentally ill, and care little about what harm you cause to fulfil this obsessional fantasy you have with Mark Knopfler.


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