The ghost of the ill fated jinx of mentioning the name of Macbeth has struck the play Local Hero before the cast has even started the rehearsals. Bill Forsyth the writer of the original story and film, has been practically told to back off as his services are no longer required on this production of his story.

Bill Forsyth was left in a state of shock, when he found out he’d been cut of from the project, “Its not a show I’ll be able to see,” he told a National Newspaper, “It’s sad, but they tried to turn me into a Editor, you can turn up and have your little say, but your not going to be creatively involved,” in other words, a silent Editor without pen and paper.

Then my advice to you Bill is to do what I did, when my co author on a play I’d help him write, barred me from the rehearsals. I waited until the curtain rose up on the first night and I marched from the hall like I was on a parade ground, making the shocked cast forget their lines. Oh and one more thing Bill I’m sure if you shout out, Macbeth is Rocking Tonight, Mark Knopfler will get the message.

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