imagesI am a writer living in Scotland still fighting for recognition of my work with Dire Straits. My schooling is so erratic that by the age of five, I’d been to three primary schools in Gilmerton Edinburgh. I then went to Tollcross Primary where I won a scholarship for poetry, my other schools were Portobello High, Musselburgh Grammar Balgowan in Dundee where I had a trial in football for Lockee Harp.

I joined the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion, Royal Scots when I was fourteen the youngest soldier in the British Army. I was part of a drill display in 1962 at Edinburgh Castle during the Tattoo. During the Cuban Crisis I was attached to the Paratroop Regiment, and after intensive training with them joined my regiment at Berwick on Tweed the Royal Regiment.

On leaving the Army I worked in Duncans chocolate factory, washed cars in a five minute car wash, laboured in many trades, worked aboard a Trawler as a cook. Trained to be a Able Seaman on the SS Vindacatrix?, in Bristol, became a Undertaker for some reason. I was a coal miner at Bilston Glen Colliery on the supply line and actually worked at the coal face and all before I was 21 years of age.

I was a Bus Conductor on the number 11 bus from Dalston Garage London, became a driver and drove most of the routes around London including the number 19, that my Conductress who was Irish became part of the lyric Wild West End, She Was A Honey.

On my return to Edinburgh I worked as a Bouncer in the world famous brothel in Danube Street, where Dora Noyce the famous Madam had her house of ill repute that was frequented by many notable and famous faces seeking pleasure from what she described, “As her girls”. I was there when Dora died and until the house was finally closed by the police, as there were rumors that a Glasgow gang had their eyes on the business. It was said that Dora as a young woman had traveled the world without once having to put her hand in her purse, unless it was to put money in it?.

Back in London I pushed a barrow laden with Hot Dogs and Burgers, with over priced soft drinks in and around Soho, that in those days was illegal. Today its a striving business that the local councils make large revenues from, in my day it was hassle after hassle from the police.

And of course I have done my time for Her Majesty the Queen, all part of what it takes to write Poetry lyrics or write a Novel, experience. Im the Edina Burgh Poet, and was given a Arts Council Bursary for my Novel Edinburgh. I had two plays written by me performed during the Edinburgh Festival of 1982. I wrote the lyrics for the Dire Straits Album, and most of what was used in Brothers in Arms that I have not been payed for. Im a Bastard to mess with, and I do not like being ripped of by a couple of Faggots, and when I tell the truth I do not expect arseholes who dream of going to bed with any of the Knopflers, if that is their names, to put spam on my blog without letting me read what their poor minds are saying, sitting writing shite to no one but their sad selfs because Mark Knopfler did not write the lyrics on two of the Dire Strait Albums. And for a reason known to Illsley and Knopfler wont share in the wealth that I through my writing of the Dire Strait lyrics brought to them.


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  1. Posted by Guyard Xavier-Ferdinand on January 31, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    dear sir,

    i would simply like to have few informations about the song “Brother in Arms”.
    I don’t fully understand its meaning, as the last lyric is “We’re fools to make war / On our brothers in arms”
    i’m french so i might have misunderstood the lyrics, but i don’t see how the brothers in arms are in war to each others, since they are fellows! or is it more universal, pointing out any soldiers from any army ?

    best regards

    xavier-ferdinand Guyard


    • You’re right, it’s universal. Having been a soldier myself, and during what was described as the Cuban crisis, that happened when I was actually in the army. Where a nuclear explosion would have wiped out the population, and most of the armed forces, I had a feeling that just before the destruction of the bomb exploding, enemies would become friends, and a Brother in Arms. This lyric was written by a soldier to all soldiers.


  2. Thanks for finally talking about >Aboit | Diree Straits Story <Liked it!


  3. Posted by The Sleuth's Drouth on July 29, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Here is a big laugh – “Songfacts” and a massive tissue of lies, about how Mr Knopfler had supposedly came up with the words to various songs, and a fantasmagorical misrepresentation of the truth. Still it is fascinating to see what a tangled web of bullshit is being written about the “songs of Dirk”, and his “Freuderian slips”, haha.


    Sultans Of Swing

    Brothers In Arms

    Laugh #1
    “This song is about the Falklands War,
    which was going on when Dire Straits lead
    singer Mark Knopfler wrote the song.”

    Laugh #2
    “Song was inspired by Knopfler’s father remarking
    We shouldn’t be making war on our brothers in arms.”

    Laugh #3
    “This song specifically refers to the Yom Kippur War.
    Knopfler is Jewish, although of Hungarian descent,
    and this song seems to speak to the hopelessness
    of war, and the struggle of Israel to find peace.”


    For loads more laughs about the songs that “Dirk” is
    meant to have written, and the bullshit interpretations
    put on these lyrics, by himself and various others, see
    this massive list of lyrics which he claimed to have written.


    • Knowing who had written the lyrics, it was no surprise to me that Mark Knopfler was reluctant to discuss in depth about their content. However this reluctance was seen by his fans and the press as someone who didn’t like to boast or brag about their talent, a quiet Mister Nice Guy and amazingly its stuck. I’ve watched numerous interviews with the Knopfler’s Illsley and Pick Withers, its always about the next album and never about the first, and by this lack of information about the lyrics and a smile or look rather than a verbal answer to a question about them, the myths were created.


    • Thanks for the advice, and a nice bit of Private Investigations, the lyrics of Communique are also interesting, I wonder who he was trying to Communique with.


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