Andertons T.V. John Illsley Interview Setting me Up

I honestly didn’t want to watch this interview with John Illsley with the guy called the Captain, it was Andertons back drop of musical instruments that caught my eye, there in the centre position was a Marshall Amp, and the signature was practically the same as the one I’d left on the piece of paper Illsley had me sign for any further contact regarding the lyrics I’d written. And if you watch Illsley’s facial expression when he see’s it at the beginning of the interview, he remembered it too, and exactly the same thought as he had went into my head, am I being set up. It reminded me of a Columbo movie when the villain recognizes the camera he took the photo’s of the crime on, and blows his cover, and that was the scenario throughout Illsley’s hour on Andertons show, whether it was a set up or not, Illsley’s eyes were continually being drawn to the one thing that could expose him, the name and signature on the Amp. He even had to put his plectrum on the table the Amp was on, and he did that without looking at the Amp, and picked it up the same way, as if Columbo had him sussed, and was just waiting to pounce. ” I come from a middle class family,” he told the Captain, “We wanted for nothing,” he boasted, I take it he meant monetary things, for all I’ve learned about his character is that he’s a back stabber lacking in honesty, and a compulsive liar who needs to finish the course with his shrink, for he makes other people join in on his skulduggery, like making out that Pick Withers came up with the name Dire Straits, because of their lack of prosperity, see John Edward Illsley you’ve just made a liar out of yourself again, perhaps you don’t have any morals, but believe me there are a few of us who have. And its just a shame the Captain wasn’t Setting You Up and get you to tell the truth, but when I wrote the lyrics, I knew you were not to be trusted but I put my hopes on Dirk, ( Mark Knopfler ) and still do. Robert Marshal

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