Ukraine Russia Brothers in Arms

So Mark Knopfler has decided to get involved in this horrific attack on a free nation by Russia and giving some sort of donation to the Red Cross, if he’d been a soldier and actually wrote those lyrics that went onto the Brothers in Arms album, he’d have reformed Dire straits and made a attempt to stop this madness that was written in the lyrics, but he never wrote them, and was never in the military so he gets involved by giving again my monies he owes me to the Red cross. When I wrote the lyrics there were wars in Israel and Ireland, and a lot of my friends lay down their arms rather than fight in Ireland where many Scots had family. I was a soldier and I thought at that time if my capabilities were needed I would not have gone blindly into a war without having my own thoughts of the situation, and that seems to be the situation of the Russian troops, they were ordered in and they obeyed, now that they know what they have done it’s time to Ride Across the river to the Otherside, for its their Brothers in Arms they are fighting.

Ive never seen the Russian’s as my enemy in fact their bravery in the second world war was the reason we managed to fight and win against Hitler and a army that seemed unstopable, but they are fighting now against their own brothers and Kiev could become another Stalingrad, and if president Putin cannot see this future and is only determind to allow brother to kill brother, he will only fail in his mission to subdue his own. He has a plan to get back the countries that left the U.S.S.R. I was one of the people who said they should give up Communism and join the Capitlist world and they were given the cold shoulder by us. But they were welcomed into the western society and the Russian people were allowed into the so called free society, where they could see we in the West were not so free, and our jails were filled by people hoping by the same corruption as our leaders could rob and steal the monies to sit in the best restuarants and live in the luxury hotels their betters could.

I do not think that is what your thinking about when the bombs are falling round your head, and all you have is a rifle, if Putin is threatening us with a Nuclear war, get on with it, Ukraine is the way forward, its a natural opening for our troops, a no fly zone will stop or start what is about to come.

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