Dire Straits another book of fiction

I sent John Illsley a email when I heard he was writing a book about Dire Straits, and warned him there would be problems in the future if the truth was swept under the carpet, for there will come a time when he and Mark wont be able to hide fact from fiction, with just a limp wave of the hand, or a bored stare when asked about my part in setting up Dire Straits. And in the real world what difference would it have mattered, apart from Illsley’s reasons for wanting to start a conspiracy that in his head, could perhaps impinge on his hold over Mark Knopfler, a secret that kept their friendship as close as being glued together with super glue for three or four decades, and the reason my meeting with Mark Knopfler in a council house in London, where the writing of the lyrics and the naming of the band took place, and the whole event wouldn’t have taken up a line in a book or caused a ripple in the Dire Straits history book, but it would have been the truth and being reduced in Tesco’s from £11 to £6, I’m sure that had he given the Dire Straits fans the real story, he could have had a best seller.

And the idea of Illsley writing a book any book was fictional in itself, I found Illsley to be lacking in imagination, and relied on gleaning ideas from those who did have some, and that actually happened when I was talking to him in Deptford, I told him I was hoping to have a future as a painter, but that took money for the oil paints and of course a studio. “What else would you do if you did get the money,” he asked, I didn’t have to think hard about that, “I’d buy a Inn a pub come bed and breakfast,” ? I told him. So is it just a coincidence to find he opened a studio for painting, and a pub in Hampshire and a hotel, and probably expected to get the same buzz I’d have got if they had been mine, so I’d put him in the category as a dream thief. Something he probably learned at his posh school, where he’d have someone bullied into doing his homework, like the person who he got to write the book of fiction for him who obviously didn’t do his homework either. We the band Dire Straits learned our trade in seedy pubs with sawdust on the floors, spittoons and sawdust went out of the pub scene before Illsley and Knopfler were legally allowed to drink a pint from a copper pot, and I’d really be interested to know where these pub gigs were held, for its all fiction until they released Sultans of Swing, and then they had to do a few pub gigs in Islington, but not a hint of sawdust on the floor, though there would be a few grains of Hashish mingling with the Roaches on the deck.

So why has John Edward Illsley concocted this stupid conspiracy that has probably ruined Mark Knopfler’s status in the music industry, and then he continues to harp on about their binding friendship, would a real friend do that to you, and as I said if this scheme has come from his head that must rattle like a tin with a solitary ball bearing in it, then his album “I never told a soul,” and then “Toe the line,” just doesn’t make sense unless he thought it up himself, for through his stupidity it has backfired into something that hinges on fraudulency and one lie after another. What was wrong with the truth, “I met this guy in a coffee shop in the West End of London, we went back to my house in Deptford, where I introduced him to Mark and the group Dire Straits was born, and the lyrics of the Dire Straits album written,” and the truth would have been told, and I’m sure that not one fan would have thought anything less of Mark. It just starts to get out of hand if its all to do with money, if someone has 100million pounds and owes 5million, and need the 100million, then they make a Dire Straits record and pay of the 5million owed and still have a 100million with a few pounds extra, and nobody needs to write a book of fiction.

You can actually go back to when all this nonsense first happened, I came back on the scene, and Illsley went to Mark Knopfler with a suggestion of reforming Dire Straits, his first and only claim to having a good idea, but for some reason Mark turned him down, and this pantomime started where everything but punches have been thrown, but its been close. And now there are three books of fiction written about Dire Straits the band, and that takes me back to when I began to realise my two so called friends were not going to open their cheque books and pay their dues, I got in touch with Paul Crockford and made the suggestion of me writing a book about Dire Straits, and that would close the issue about monies owed, he seemed to think that was funny and said, “But that would be fiction,” no Paul any book without the truth is fiction, my story would have been the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as you will find when your having trouble trying to sell seats for the Mark Knopfler shows, and that ain’t fiction just bad managerial skills, and not knowing fact from fiction.

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  1. Posted by David on June 3, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    I only wanted to find out who wrote “Dire Straits: The Shocking Truth” and I came across all of this. No opinion held here but I think I’ll forget about reading and listen to the records which is where I started.


    • I remember when that was my own thoughts, then the shocking truth started, and I’ve still not got the answer, for there was no need for this, the Dire Straits album was a success, and Knopfler got all the star quality he deserved, so why ruin everything by ripping of the lyricist, its pathetic as there was no reason to take this road of destruction. The book written by a M Knopfler Dire Straits The Shocking Truth wasn’t written by me, or Mark Knopfler but I’m sure it may make a few fans on Amarkintime wonder who the writer M Knopfler is.


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