Dire Straits Album Wins

The few that have remained faithful to Mark Knopfler on the Amarkintime blog, after finding he didn’t write the lyrics on the first Dire Straits album had a poll on the blog to find which of the D.S. albums was the best, and the first album won. I’d like to think Mark reads or takes notice of what his fans think, for when I made the suggestion of starting a band called Dire Straits and writing the lyrics for that said band, I didn’t do it to forward one person’s career or their ego, it was to form a rock band that could be as one no matter where they were placed in the line up, and for a while that was what happened, and though the lyrics on the other albums didn’t give the same message as to what I’d written, for a time that possibility was always on the books, until the demise of David Knopfler and Pick David Withers.

And if there was any messages within the new band members, it was to grab as much money as possible, every album with the next line up was dictated like a sweet shop, to make the mouth water, but never to get the taste that was advertised, that would come with the next product, and until the Brothers in Arms album, with most of the lyrics written by me, that satisfaction was finally reached, but Knopfler and Illsley had used up their private stock the cupboard like old Mr Hubbard was bare, and even if it could be filled from the archives of the deep cellars of the P.R.S. vaults, the ingredients that brought the success my lyrics were missing. And since Mark was not going to lose face by calling me back into the game, as his own lyrics had not reached the peak that mine had, he used his get out of jail card, and went solo. The music business is a jealous game, but committing suicide when there is a way out to me doesn’t make sense, he’s a great guitarist and as I said at the beginning, it was a group thing, the ladder upwards was for them all, and the first album where they all gave their all proved that, and that was why it won the poll.

I seem to have upset the I LOVE MARK KNOPFLER members of amarkintime the few remaining stalwarts who keep that blog running, like a club that lost its values years ago, and hide their true identity by using pen names, just in case they have to go back to being a normal person rather than a obsessed fan. At first when I started my blog they claimed Knopflers lawyers would have a field day with this guy who claims he wrote the lyrics of the Dire Straits album, and worse gave the band its name, and what happened nothing because what was written was the truth, but did that change their minds no, now its a mental health problem or that I’m living on a different planet, and that is coming from people who allow themselves to deny that most of the comments on the blog come from one person who uses various names. I’d have thought the first thing any fan of of Dire Straits would have wanted to know was, did this guy really write the lyrics for the D.S. album, and why is he being denied his rights like a victim of a conspiracy of a fraud, but we are talking about Mark Knopfler fans who think its marvellous that their hero has donated some of his many guitars to something like Reprieve, when in reality he has given nothing to any charities other than from the money he has swindled from me, so where are the Lawyers you thought would discredit me, probably laughing all the way from the bank of Mark Knopfler.

And right on queue the person with to many identities on the amarkintime blog who likes to comment and answer his own questions, and has two many guitars comes on the scene, Chris Finucane barred from Facebook for identity theft, and a lot of other blogs, who has hounded and trolled a Brownie pack leader, and still does, and brought fear to a woman with three children, and uses their names to annoy me when he sticks his vile comments on this blog, and says he got the police to me for threatening him, the only contact the police have had with me was to report him for his vicious and degrading emails that go directly to them. I also reported him to his work place in Tadley, for I couldn’t believe a person of his character was being left in charge of children with mental impairments, they told me he was a good worker and what he did in his own time, sending vile emails had nothing to do with them, so I told them Fred West was a good worker and if someone had reported him for what he was doing in his own time, perhaps a few of the woman he murdered might have been saved. And usually people who have numerous email addresses like he has on amarkintime is for gaining access into porn sites, and as he quoted on his first attack on me, ” I was searching through the web looking for porn, and came across this blog,” so he grassed himself of and his credibility is zero, and through his numerous pen names on amarkintime, its credibility is zero for still allowing him to comment. And if any of the so called fans of Mark Knopfler had been at the plaque unveiling in Deptford they’d have seen me speaking to their hero, and also refusing to be photographed with him and Illsley due to Illsley’s behaviour when |I met him at St James where he was selling a painting for charity. This blog was started to show Knopfler and Illsley, that due to the internet they can run but not hide, there has been over two million hits on this blog, and apart from people like Finucane, what I’ve said has been taken for gospel and it’s up to Knopfler and Illsley to respond, and since the law in this country does not accept silence from the accused as a sign of being not guilty, it verifies my case against them and I will take this blog down if they eventually come clean about my part in Dire Straits. I don’t know the reason why they have chosen to go with this silence, as it has only hurt their reputations, if Illsey had corresponded with my lawyers in a normal manner instead of trying to twist the truth, that has bounced back at him, I know this state of affairs would never have happened. Robert Marshal

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