Gentleman’s Agreement’s Beware

Be aware when you make a Gentleman’s Agreement with someone, that they are a Gentleman and they wont stab you in the back when you ask for whatever was agreed on to be returned in full. For even the hardened Mark Knopfler die hard are starting to get the gist of why their hero has turned away from being a nice guy into a miserable bread head, that wants to get every penny due to him from the Dire Straits Legacy, and like his best friend Illsley wont even invite the guy who named the band, and wrote the lyrics of the hit songs of the original Dire Straits, into their company for a cup of tea?

And the die hard are right, when I met Knopfler and Illsley money wasn’t the problem, that came when it flooded in from the Dire Straits album, the heads swelled and they began to believe the could have anything they wanted, and they did there best to prove they could. First came the flash cars, then the houses, then for some reason marriages to woman that wanted the best, and they’d make sure they got it. And with it the old story you take it with one hand, and give it back with the other, and Knopfler married again, could he afford another debit card, only if he fiddled the books and in Robert Allan, photo above, he had the best twister in the Law business, and he didn’t come cheap, and he was there to do a hatchet job, just like Beeching did for the railways, any trains lying idle in the siding’s would be scrapped and any line not making a profit axed, and he did such a good job he was thanked on the Dire Straits album.

The album with all my lyrics on it, I still don’t know if his name was put on the album for me to get in touch with him to claim my share of the monies, as that was when I could have made a move before the Limitations Act of six years was yet to expire. But and its a big but, I had a Gentleman’s agreement with Knopfler and Illsley, and that expiry date was when Dire Straits were no more, and they kept reforming, every time the river money dried up. And I take it that Robert Allan was fed up looking at the cheque with my name on it, just gathering dust in a drawer, and after all Marks marriages, the mansions, the cars the children were all costing money, and the six years had passed so I’d have trouble proving my case, and I’d doubt if my former cohorts of Knopfler and Illsley, would have taken my corner, they were living in the world of Money for Nothing, when Robert Allan erased the name of Robert Marshal from the Dire Straits log book, and anyway it was just a Gentleman’s Agreement, so beware Gentlemen if you are a Gentleman.

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