Fans of Mark searching for the Truth and its all here?

You may get some kind of inspiration from reading a book, but a Poet or lyricist seeks the truth through experience, and that is the difference in what is seen through the eyes of a observer studying a painting, and the artist who painted it.

And that is why the fans of Mark Knopfler who still presume that he wrote the lyrics of the Dire Straits album, keep fumbling about in the dark when they try to join the dots of Knopfler’s life to the story within the lyrics, Deptford is near the docks so he got his inspiration for “Down to the Waterline,” from there, or perhaps Newcastle having the river Tyne gave him the picture to construct what is a good lyric.

Absolute rubbish when I came out the Army, I trained on the SS Vindicatrix in Sharpness as a deckhand in the hope of joining the Merchant Navy, I also sailed on the Fishery Cruisers from Greenock to Iceland, and did a trip on a Fishing Trawler from Leith Docks, so if Mark Knopfler watched the boats sailing by, I was on the deck of them, and Dog Leap Stairways was the only part of the lyric he suggested, and he changed Fire Flies to Pilot lights.

I also squatted in a multi storey in Limehouse another dockland area, I was on the the eighth floor over-looking the Thames, and the boats with their coloured lights were hypnotic sailing up the river in the darkness, so I really feel for the fans that are still hunting through the scraps of information to solve the puzzle that Mark has kindly given them, however until they start believing that it wasn’t Mark Knopfler who wrote the lyrics to the Dire Straits album, this is one crossword they will never finish, but if they want the truth, its all here for Mark was the musician and I was the lyricist. Robert

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