The John Illsley Legacy

Andy Greene writing for the Rolling Stone Magazine made a profound statement when he said, with Mark Knopfler not even showing up when Dire Straits were inducted into the Rock an Roll Hall of Fame did this mean he’d finished with the band that had brought him wealth and fame globally.

But surely if you have decided on something as massive as this, that gave you a career and taken up so much of your time, you cannot just scrap the group take up as solo performer playing Folk music, and turn your back on the Rock industry and the fans. When I first met Mark Knopfler he stood behind a couch that Illsley was sitting on kidding on he was reading a book for a exam he was about to take at the Brubeck College that he and Mark were attending as Mature students. And for some reason that stunned Illsley, and made me question his motives, he told me Illsley was his brother, but the way Knopfler has acted so ungraciously to the fans of Dire Straits, and the way Illsley brushed me aside giving a two fingered salute for everything I’d done for them, I’d say they were joined at the hip and twins.

So are the twins really surprised that they themselves are now being ripped of, by the same minded people who can see there is money to be made from Knopfler and Illsley’s lack of humanities, a course that Illsley was studying for that seems to have gone a wry as their fall from grace proves, and in steps the Vultures, that for some reason upsets John Illsley. Why because some of his former employees or band members are about to go on tour calling their band Dire Straits, then sensibly as a afterthought add Legacy just in case Mark comes out of his echo trip, and with our differences settled, show this group of chancers who owns Dire Straits.

John Illsley the person I blame for the break up and downfall of Dire Straits the band and its reputation, stated in the Rolling Stone or whined, I said to them, if you are going to do that, I take it he means Clarke and co calling the group Dire Straits, will you please call the band something else, it would be like some people getting together and calling themselves the Stones or the Floyd, you can’t really do that, you were members of the band for a while, but you don’t own the name, can you please call it something else.

if  What a hypocrite, and neither do you Illsley, or Mark Knopfler, I gave the band its name and that is why the Legacy or any other tribute band can call their group Dire Straits, and its because of your underhand dealings they can do it, and until you and Mark recognize the major part I played in Dire Straits and stop this idiocy, you will find the same lack of respect that you showed to me, will come back to haunt you.

You have already ruined Mark’s reputation in the music industry, and he is a talented musician, while you are just a impostor a jack of all trades a master of none, and that was said by a gallery owner where your paintings were hidden in a corner of his studio, so I’m really glad to see you are now getting your comeuppances for the rotten way you have treated people, and I can name a few.

You once claimed and I have it in writing with your signature, that you took offence at being called a Plagiarist, if you weren’t one Illsley, the Plagiarists that are now Plagiarizing you wouldn’t be getting away with it, makes you think doesn’t it. Robert

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  1. Posted by Harsha Paulraj on August 18, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    Interesting. However, if Mark was so incapable of writing his own lyrics to the self-titled debut album and “Money For Nothing”/”Brothers In Arms”, how did he manage to handle all the rest of it including his solo work? Dire Staits’ lyrics are sometimes brilliant but I think his solo work is much better lyrically. I’m just surprised that he could make such creative leaps despite being completely inept on the first album. Still, it is possible I suppose.


    • Its there in the album Communique, that was written lyrics and songs by MK, his writing of lyrics are completely different from mine, and his earlier writings where two of his songs were taken out of the first DS album again show the difference in styles. Its been proved by his silence that I did write the lyrics, its down to what he’s going to do about it, for the amount of traffic I get on this site cannot be doing his reputation any good.


  2. Funny, because I went to school with Mark, and was a close friend of Davids for many years. I have vivid memories from Gosforth of certain guitar twiddly bits, and snatches of proto lyrics that eventually via musical osmosis, made it onto the first album.

    So Robert, either you invented time travel, or your seeking out internet notoriety by constantly telling whopping big porkie pies.

    Wonder which one is it?


    • I didn’t play the music or sing the songs that went onto the Dires Straits album, I wrote the lyrics. And if your a old friend of the Knopflers or just telling porkies ask them, about my part in D.S.. For they don’t seem to want to Communicate with the person who helped them start out in the music business, and since my lyrics are mainly about my experiences in the London scene in the 70s, its a bit of a puzzle how the Knopflers were managing to relate events of that era back in the 50s or sixties, unless Mark is capable of time travel. Though I do know he can take of at speed when confronted about my part in Dire Straits.


      • AJ I read your recent comment, and I remember a email from David saying he had helped Mark with some of the writing of the lyrics, of course I took offence at this as I thought he was referring to the Dire Straits album. However the lyrics and the stories that went onto the Brothers in Arms some were part written by me, as I was showing Mark how to write folk and like a pupil he had to fill in the missing parts, and that must have been what David was talking about he helped him with his homework. You say you know David then why has he opted to be a negligent in his behavior towards myself when he to has fallen into the same trap as me and been discarded like a used towel, I feel for David as he kept his brother focused on the art and not on the money, now its just a joke and as Ive explained to him this could all be easily solved, and we both know who is the cause of all this grief.

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