Mark Knopfler Announcement Soon

thiefThat is the communication being flouted on the Amarkintime website, and the conspiracies of what that means is being speculated like a dog with a bone. If Mark Knopfler has something to say, he’s taken a very long time to say it. When I came out with my part in the formation of Dire Straits, it was reckoned by the fans, Mark would have something to say about that, and my claim would be erased by his rich and famous lawyers, instead he said nothing, and by his silence the fans were left with the fact that I was telling the truth. For a rock star he has not only neglected his army of followers, but the public in General, his father came to this country as a refugee fleeing from the Nazi’s, and made his home in Scotland,and we the Scots trusted him and his family to be like us, where the doors were open and where we learned to help and share with our neighbours. I’m afraid Mark has taken the John Illsley bankers son aptitude of what’s mine is mine and I’m keeping it. But to put that type of disgraceful thinking into reality, no its not yours or Illsley’s it belongs too, I wrote the lyrics and gave the band the name of Dire Straits, so the bankers son is a twister, and the son of a refugee is a accomplice? And if that’s their mind set in come the other Vultures to pick the body clean, instead of being paid for the Royalties for coming up with the idea of Money for Nothing, the lyrics I wrote are being plagiarized by television companies who know Knopfler wont dispute the case, and there are plenty of them doing it. So we can see why those refugee’s and immigrants who have come into this and other countries, are looked upon with suspicion when one of our greatest musicians has allowed his reputation to be belittled by his so called friend, when he has so more to lose, no you cannot polish a doo doo Mark, but it can be flushed down the toilet with the rest of the shite, and is that your only announcement, I’d say your going to retire and hope you can make a living from the studio you bought from my money, and I’m in no doubt that you and Illsley claim the Government pension of 150 pounds and the 200 cold weather payment. I honestly don’t know why you contacted me, unless it was just to humiliate me for some reason that I know nothing about, but its back fired something I’d say Illsley is used too, however your character must definitely be having self issues, remember he was the straight and not in our game, and now your going to be like a thief in the night and scuttle away, with what’s left of the loot, eh pal. Robert

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  1. Hi Robbie,

    See that you’re still posting shite about me on your sordid little corner of cyberspace. Well I have some news for you. I’m not giving you a penny, end of. No Lawyer will ever take your case seriously and you will never ever get the credit you desire.

    On the plus side, you can cheer yourself up with a bottle of my signature London gin, I entered into that arrangement thinking purely about you Robert, remember all those gin soaked nights in Deptford? Those were the days and you can relive them at the cost of 40 quid a bottle, and Its even got a little red headband on it! So cute!

    Well this will be our final contact Robbo, enjoy the old age, the illness, the voices, and ultimately the long silence that comes to us all.

    Got to go, my audience awaits.

    YouKnowW|ho 😉


    • Oh I know who you are Chris Finucane Two Many Guitars Anonymous Coward and a multitude of other bogus email addresses, and so do the Police who have informed me that you are still continuing to harass a woman, whose fathers name and identity you fabricated on Facebook to get information from? So I thought it was time the public should see the person you really are, and the nonsense you spout behind the many characters of someone with a split personality, how you ever got a job as a carer with vulnerable people with Autism amazes me, then the scandal about the Priory came out and it began to make sense. My advice to you Chris Finucane is to read what you have written, and realize you are talking about yourself and seek help, I’m sure there are qualified doctors in the Tadley Priory who could help you before this obsession your suffering under, gets you into a lot of trouble. And I suspect the audience who you are referring to, await you, are the people on amarkintime who have been innocently reading comments and answers they thought were from different people, when in reality it was you using different email addresses to get numerous identities, and your still doing it. Your barred of Facebook unless its you who are now posing as David Knopfler, and that would not surprise me, so why you have not been found out by the moderators for using bogus emails addresses on amarkintime, leaves a large question mark on their signing in procedure.


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