Down the Road Wherever

dtrwJust the naming of the album Down the Road …….Wherever, sounds to me as if a bored person had been coerced into doing something they didn’t want to do, and were being forced to add something to the title of a album someone else had come up with, and added Whatever and it was changed to Wherever. And considering the lyrics and musical content all seem to be in Guy Fletcher’s name, with one track alone being Mark Knopfler, to call this HAM SANDWICH of a album a Mark Knopfler album is just another example of bad management and poor judgement of choosing your friends.

When this album was released, it had taken three years for the maestro to do so, and in that time he could have contacted me and brought this stupidity to a end, instead he has sulked and hidden away in the hope this nightmare his friend John Illsley has caused by turning his back on the person who had written the lyrics of the Dire Straits album continues. And Mark’s reputation slumps as does his album sales, D.T.R.W. reached no 17 in the charts then fell to 61 staggered back down to 59 and vanished into the mists of a has been, and as it disappeared it passed Private Investigations Dire Straits propped up by Sultans of Swing lyrics by Robert Marshal holding strong for months in the charts? The money from this album keeping Illsley in pocket money and the Knopflers in a life style, through their ingratitude and obvious ignorance to wanting to know about my well being, they obviously do not deserve.

I’ve watched more Scrooge movies this Christmas on T.V. that I as a child went to see in the Cinema, and as Knopfler and Illsley are only two years younger than me, and must have seen it to. But I seem to see old Scrooge as a tyrant deserving to get the ghosts of the past to give him his just deserts, and the old miser repents and starts anew by seeing his faults and sharing his good fortune on those who helped him to achieve his wealth. The difference between that Scrooge and Illsley and Knopfler and co, that old miser didn’t need the help of the fans to keep his business afloat, and when you lose the fans trust, you have lost their respect. In a recent interview on the radio in Scotland Mark said, he had now found humility, but its the truth and honesty the fans want from him. He listened to me once before and the history of a band called Dire Straits was started, he for some reason has chosen to ignore me, and like Scrooge is meeting the ghosts of time gone past. So lets us see if the Ghost of the NEW YEAR to COME, remembering  he does say he’s Scottish, changes him back to being a Mr Nice Guy, who with his new found humility seeks out the friends from his past who care about him and his career and can help him recover from the Scrooge addiction, before all he sees in the Albert Hall are the ghosts of fans that were and empty seats.

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  1. Posted by Julio on March 3, 2020 at 9:17 pm

    “And considering the lyrics and musical content all seem to be in Guy Fletcher’s name, with one track alone being Mark Knopfler”

    Ehm… Mark Knopfler wrote all the songs alone. Except “Just a Boy Away from Home” but that’s because it goes into “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at the end, and therefore gets co-credited to Rodgers & Hammerstein (although since it’s just the music, Rodgers’ name would’ve sufficed – but I know this is not how copyright works).

    And “Down the Road Wherever” is simply a line from “One Song at a Time”.



    • It was never a Mark Knopfler creation, I think he was trying to prove his music was the source of the enterprise, and he could make a class act out of crappy lyrics, with the album failing dismally in the album chart and barely lasting two weeks in the charts I’d say the experiment was a failure.


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