Ken Bruce Mark Knopfler and Friends

Though I only caught the last part of the Ken Bruce show with Mark Knopfler, it proved to me he hasn’t yet lost his sense of humour, and that he knows or reads what I write about him. In my blog I stated he should be singing,” If I were a Rich Man,” a song about a Jewish immigrants dream in a country where there is hope to prosper if you have the talent and are willing to be guided towards that goal, by someone who though talented had already used up their own gift and handed it to you? The Boxer by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel and the line,” I’m just a poor boy,” was not exactly you Mark, and it sounded to me like you were mocking those of us, for I do not believe for a minute you know, ” Where the poorer people go,” and unlike the original lyricists of the song, who obviously did know and did care, though I know you were just having a jest, your take of a classic song and lyrics was like a saw tearing through metal.?

When you deviate away from your strengths like being a great guitarist, and try and sing a popular song made famous by two people who can sing, your heading for trouble, and I will repeat myself again, I know what you were trying to prove, and in honesty your fans would have rather heard a song from Whatever. I knew you could imitate another persons voice, and that was proved on the Dire Straits album, and you know what I’m talking about, but Mark you have got to wind yourself back, get back on that motor bike and be a Rock and Roll artist, you’ve become the Harry that I wrote about on Sultans of Swing, Rockers don’t retire Mark they fight on to the very end. ” If I were a rich man,”…

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