Mark resigns Illsley self inducts Time for the Truth

nutsWhen Dire Straits ascended to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the other night, it was a bit of a squirm inducting moment, to say the least. All the other inductees BON JOVI, NINA SIMONE, THE MOODY BLUES, either performed or were honored by a tribute performance, and received a induction speech from a celebrity, NONE of this happened for Dire Straits.

This snubbage was apparently a reaction to Mark Knopflers non-acknowledgment of the bands induction. He did not attend the ceremony with no explanation for his absence, Pick Withers was not in the house either along with Marks band mate David who said the Rock Hall had backed out of a agreement to pay for his travel expenses, so with three quarters of the original line up missing, John Illsley, Alan Clark and Guy Fletcher pretty much inducted themselves, making Dire Straits to become the first band in the history of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame not to be introduced by a induction speaker at the ceremony, with Illsley designating himself as the official presenter.

He said, as a fellow member I found I might be the most qualified to do this. Its a bit weird but life is strange, I know its a bit odd, but its my honor to welcome Dire Straits into the Rock Hall of Fame, he added I know there has been a lot of speculation about the fact that Mark is not here, but I can assure you its just a personnel thing its personnel reasons just leave it at that. This is really about a group of people more than one, its a collective a brotherhood and that’s what needs acknowledging tonight.

Dr Scott JamesThis article was written by a independent author who attended this disgraceful mockery to the Dire Strait induction into the R.R.H.of F. When you cannot get a celebrity to make the induction, there has to be a reason, and Mark Knopfler knows the reason, as does David and Pick Withers, I wrote the lyrics of the songs that made the band famous. And you can bet your last euro on that most of the musicians and lyricists in the music business know that as well, and would any of them ruin their reputations by getting mixed up with Illsley’s underhand dealings, not on your life. Mark inveigled Sting to take credit for shouting, ” I want my own T.V.,” something I had joked leaving the desolate flat in Deptford. So would it not be prudent for Mark to just come out with the truth about me, before Illsley’s lies condemn him as a pawn in a game of fraudulence that because of Mr Bassmans jealousy for his so called friends talent on the guitar, will discredit him into the ranks of criminality rather than a respected musician. Personnel reasons are being caused by you Illsley for standing on that stage, and the speculation is now known throughout the industry, your a crook pal and your enjoying it, as long as everyone around you suffers for your pleasure, there’s another word that starts with a S.D.sT. that reveals your character to the T.

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