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Who was it that said if you have one friend in your life your a very lucky person, when I contacted Mark Knopfler in 2006 to work with him again and reinvent Dire Straits, I was that person in his life I’d waited for him to get in touch and kept to my side of the bargain of not getting involved in D.S. unless I was needed and called for.

So it came as a shock when it was confirmed that Mark had no interest in reforming Dire Straits, and had gone solo that I got in touch as our agreement was over, and as this friend who had not interfered during his career, I honestly expected to be welcomed like a Brother in Arms. But instead my meeting with John Illsley who actually turned his back on me was so humiliating, it felt like I had Leprosy and he couldn’t get away from me quick enough in case he became contaminated with my presence.

Of course there is another wise saying, Do Not To Others unless you want it to happen to you, and this is now being proved by the way previous band members of Dire Straits and so called friends have turned feral and biting the hands that once fed them.

This is what has happened and  if it wasn’t seen by Knopfler and Illsley in the stars, it was certainly in my lyrics  and inevitable  especially when a bands reputation is being allowed to go to the wall because of lies, and deceit, maybe Mark Knopfler could let Illsley hypnotize him into believing that Wrong was a Right, but try telling that to the feral cats that would have killed to get the fame Knopfler achieved from being the front man of Dire Straits.

And now the cat is out of the bag, because of John Illsley’s negativity in his dealings with me, and now he has been exposed as a fraud and whether this has been deliberate to hurt Mark Knopflers reputation for going solo is debatable.

However because of what other people see as the truth, and Knopfler and Illsley’s  lack or interest to this real situation that not only effects their reputation in the music industry but as people, their negligence in protecting the rights of D.S. is now a free for all. Anyone SEEMINGLY can call themselves Dire Straits and get away with it, and if the public don’t look close enough at the article they could believe they are going to hear the original Dire Straits.

Now Chris White the guy who played the saxophone with D.S. is at it with a band called The Dire Strait Experience with the claim, Music Of Dire Straits Live on the Stage, if I played a record of D.S. it would mean almost the same thing, and of course we had the New Straits with Alan Clark, NOW ITS THE DIRE STRAIT LEGACY, and even Danny Cummings who I admire has left the sinking ship. Everyone of them dipping into the D.S. coffers because of John Illsley and his failure to be honest and whose lack of savvy has allowed Plagiarism to become the main interest of his old pals who are now taking liberties through his lack of back bone and seedy character traits.

This is the guy who like the Queen with the back of his hand dismissed and totally humiliated the person who started the Band Dire Straits whose lyrics and giving a name to the band started it all in the first place. And in truth its all being allowed to happen by Mark Knopflers lack of interest in a band that made his reputation and money, in fact he’s seemingly wiped his hands and left it all to a idiot like Illsley, who doesn’t give a damn as long as he holds the key to the Dire Straits bank vault.

So Ive put on his statement he supposedly wrote to my Solicitors, that I believe is fraudulent, and to expose his weak claims for denying me what is mine, were the time and dates and the name of the coffee house where we met were not concluded, did he not read my lyrics the Barocco Bar dumb dumb. And I have never said he and I wrote together, and as a person who has gone three rounds on many occasions the only thing I’d like to do with him his knock his lying head off. He also concluded that he’d never met me and he would take offense at being called a plagiarist, that is why I started this blog to see if he would really stand by his word and take the person who wrote the lyrics that started his and the Knopflers career in the music industry to court. And like all thiefs he bottled out and sneaked away hoping I would disappear and his lies would not be seen, I’m afraid Illsley its here for anyone to read, your not only a plagiarist your a liar and a thief, so come on dear stand by your threat take me to court and leave the Knopflers alone. The only old or new experience the Dire Strait fans want is for the real Dire Straits to stand up on stage and be the band they love and want to hear, and now that David Knopfler has said he would gladly play again with his brother lets get it together again and become the real Dire Straits eh Mark one more time, or one more thing the Vultures are coming down from the trees, I warned you pal. Robert Marshal

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