Dire Strait lyrics Band Wanted

Wouldn’t it be something if we could find out what the second D.S. Album would have been with my lyrics. ?

What came first the Singer, the Lyricist or the Musician, when I wrote the lyrics for the Dire Straits Album, I’d never heard Mark Knopfler play the guitar, and as I sang most of the lyrics basically all Knopfler had to do was play music around the songs, and copy the way I’d sang the hooks.?

His next task was to form a band, he had that with his brother David able to play rhythm guitar, and John Illsley capable of playing bass, all they needed was a drummer and Dave Pick Withers was one of the best having backed some of the best rock singers and bands in the country, and with his experience in the music industry, he could open doors that the three amateurs didn’t know existed.

Everyone of the songs on the Dire Straits album are my lyrics, and when Mark Knopfler brought out the second album Communique the 4 million fans who were waiting for the follow up to the first D.S. album were shocked to find the lyrics and songs all written by Knopfler bore no resemblance to the first, and each album continued in that trend never fulfilling what the fans wanted another Harry.

I know a lot of guitarists can play like Knopfler, but can they play music around the lyrics that should have been the second Dire Straits album, if you have a band and think you have the talent get in touch. Robert

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