John Edward Illsley A Open Letter


Dear Edward, that was what you told me to call you if I got in touch, and when I did you claimed because I didn’t mention the name of the cafe where me met, you didn’t know me, and you took offense at being called a Plagiarist. What you really mean Edward is that Mark Knopfler because he wrote the songs around my lyrics is the Plagiarist, and as you were just the bass player in Dire Straits your innocent of aiding and abetting. That was the feeling I got from you on the journey in your car when you drove me to Deptford, if I get involved with him, Ill get ripped off, and those who have read this blog and have surmised the reason for the trip wasn’t exactly to write lyrics, would be right, and as money didn’t pass hands, you would again be only aiding and abetting.

And Edward when I said to you, if you become famous you might not want to know me, I knew by the look on your face, this guy is going to rip me off, and this time your not aiding and abetting your actually ripping me off, and this time its your pal Mark whose aiding and abetting. And I wouldn’t be surprised Edward that the money that David Knopfler got knocked for from the Making Movies album didn’t go straight into your pocket, and remember your just the bass player not the maestro, so I wonder what the hold is, perhaps a Private Dancer.

You may have found me Edward but you definitely didn’t founded Dire Straits, without Mark Knopflers songs and my lyrics, you’d still be sitting in that cafe without a name, looking for another arsehole to rip off. I’m writing this open letter to you because it doesn’t seem to sink into your head that music and writing lyrics is a gift, and you have neither that is why you prowl like a starved animal looking for your next meal. I saw the same look on your face with Greg Pearle as you did when you met me, in fact its actually imprinted on a photograph when your on stage with him, its a empty public schoolboy hooking a working class talent in a effort to suck them dry, a bit like the above photograph of you trying to be a rock star, I’d say you have never been to a dance hall or even know how to dance your what we working class call a poser.

I gave you the chance to be a man a gentleman or just a good guy when I went to your painting exhibition in St James, another of your guises that you soon gave up after I came back into the scene. You turned your back on me claiming you were to busy, to busy to speak to the person whose talent had you in St James in the first place, and you turned your back on me. And you convince the Private Dancer to do the same, though I will say this  in his defense it was with reluctance, for I know he is talented and gifted where as you are just a user.

Dire Straits fans that bought the 4 million L.P.s heard Knopflers guitar playing and his songs, and like my lyrics they sent message, a message that has yet to be fulfilled, so what would your interest be Edward since your part of the set up was as a bass guitarist, it would be to get as much control of the band as you could. And the proof of this is identified when David Knopfler was not told about my meeting with his brother, and if Mark was afraid if David did know I’d written the lyrics he perhaps might want to change them, for David is a artist as well.

Then he should have been told after the Dire Straits album was released, instead it seems a conspiracy of silence was put in place giving you Edward the power of Attorney between two brothers, and if Mark never suggested after the success of the first album to contact me to continue our partnership, then I’m mistaken about his character. And with David concerned about how the band was developing after the release of Communique, and this sudden change in the message in the lyrics and songwriting he had every right to be for he was being duped, and how can he be blamed for leaving when he did, when he knew something was wrong since the first album and not even his brother was explaining why, heavy stuff not fuel, and you let it go on for all those years. If you Edward didn’t have part in the message myself and Knopfler was trying to send out in music and lyrics, you certainly gave us the message. This  selfish  and  commandeering  aptitude  has  destroyed  a  family,  who  if  they’d  known  the  truth  of  what  you  have  done  to  their  children  and  because  of  your  behaviorism  or  mental  instabilities,  would  not  have  seen  you  as  a  friend   Edward  but  a  dangerous  influence  that  I  witnessed  of  wanting  to  control,  other words  a  control  freak,  and  because  of  this  a  band  that  has  become  one  of  the  leading  musical  contributors  in  rock  history  like  those  involved  in  D.S.  has  to  suffer  because  of  you.  Robert

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