Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame Dire Straits


It was October 2009 when I started this blog, and to tell my part in Dire Straits, a 100,000 hits later those who doubted my story and those who thought it would be removed pronto, must by now realize I was telling the truth?

And if its not obvious to Mark Knopfler fans why Dire Straits isn’t in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, start with my story, I wrote the lyrics of the two songs that should have seen D.S. sail into that picture. However if there is a hint of plagiarism in the equation those who judge who should get through the gates, must refuse too admit the nominated artist if there’s a hint of skulduggery involved?

That is why I believe plagiarism should be classified as a criminal intent like theft, rather than a civil matter where the claimant has to fork out big bucks to over priced Lawyers in the Law Courts to get the plagiarist into the dock. David Cameron when he was Prime Minister said he would be putting a paper before Parliament in a attempt to get this medieval law changed. For as we see  in my case I don’t have the money to get to the Law Courts, and Knopfler and Illsley don’t have the bottle to sue me, so they sit back and allow a outdated law to work for them?

And if Dire Straits were in the Rock n Roll Hall, it would be Mark and David Knopfler Dave Pick Withers and Illsley as the artists, for they all played on Sultans of Swing, and that was the song that brought them fame and into the house of Rock n Roll. When Money for Nothing was released Illsley had fired David Knopfler and Dave Pick Withers had left the scene, and Dire Straits was just the name of the band in fact I’d have called it the John Illsey set featuring Mark Knopfler and a variety of artists hand picked and vetted by Illsley.

Of course the excuses made by Mark Knopfler fans for his exclusion from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is hilarious, M.K. declined the offer, yet M.K. wouldn’t get in with his solo work?

I’m sure M.K got the call and turned it down, and that’s the end of it.

Its not going to happen, and if D.S. was even considered Mark for sure would put the kibosh on any consideration of a D.S. induction, it would necessitate a D.S. reunion?

Would he desperately want another medal on his chest?

Hello is this Mark Knopfler….Yes how did you get my number,….Never mind we want to induct you into the Rock n Hall of Fame, are you in,……No strike me out, call Ozzy Osbourne instead?

I mean can you reject receiving it, that’s like Bob Dylan skipping the Nobel Prize?

The Hall of Fame becomes irrelevant when you are fully satisfied with your career and the recognition you get. Needless to say Mark probably thinks that’s irrelevant, I happen to agree?…….Does that mean he’s happy to be a plagiarist,  and rip of the writer of the lyrics that made him famous, and just a bread head come on?

As Mark already has Brit awards, Grammy awards, a O.B.E.. Honorary doctor of music from three Universities, I doubt if he’d be bothered?……Well I agree with that a person who has the character to turn away the person who gave him all that, bothered no?

And here is one from another guardian of the Knopfler reputation on why they have not taken me to court for libel,…Why should a Elephant be worried about a mouse?

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