A Mark In Time

mjIt may come as a surprise to some people who comment on the Mark In Time threads, but I do not scour through what is being said or should I say guessed about Mark Knopfler.
I’m more interested about Dire Straits and Mark was just a band member, though he did play a very integral role in making the group popular. However so did Dave Pick Withers help massively as he was the only professional, and had played drums for some of Britain’s best rock stars and bands, he also opened doors in the music industry that the Knopflers and John Illsley could only stand outside.
So if I read articles where Mark Knopfler becomes the only focus of the writer, I surmise that person came into the picture during Mark’s solo career, and any knowledge they have about him is by attending his gigs, and probably gained from other fans who have heard about his talent as musician, and since the heavy vibes of enthusiasm from the Dire Straits fans no longer linger, and the serene gentility of the the Albert Hall and such have followed those new arrivals to the Knopfler fan club. Those who have braved to poke their heads into the silence of the arena, that at one time was explosive rather than this thoughtful listening for note perfection these new heads that I have witnessed attending a Knopfler gig, in reality are seeking to hear the Dire Straits band they have heard about but were to timid or to young to attend.
Knopfler may have surrounded himself with top notch musicians, but the ones that really brought out his true mastery of the guitar, were his brother David Pick Withers and Illsley.
Wouldn’t it be great to see that line up again and get back to the start of Dire Straits, I dare those D.S. fans who are left and attend his concerts to demand a D.S. reunion, and while they are at it ask what he has done with my money, Money for Nothing, Ill cocoa.

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