Dire Straits when they were Dire Straights

booThe Dire Straits True Story has just passed its fifth anniversary, and were still waiting for a response from Mark Knopfler or John Illsley, or their Lawyers? Of course as a over obsessed John Illsley fan stated “Why would a Elephant, be bothered about a mouse,”he obviously hadn’t read the story. Just like Mark and John Illsley hadn’t banked on the internet, if it was still travel and just the telephone the truth about my part in Dire Straits would probably never have got the time of day, a bit like Mathew Fisher and a Whiter Shade of Pale. And all he had was the telephone and it took him thirty years to get justice, and I’m sure the internet was the reason his voice was eventually heard.

However there was a time in 1976 when David and Mark Knopfler were real brothers in arms, not the rich and unhappy estranged strangers they have become. They had even written a song together and actually shared the lyric writing, [Whats the matter with you baby] was a joint effort by the Knopfler’s. [Real girl]was another song lyric that was taken of the first Dire Straits album as was [ Eastbound Train,[ leaving just the lyrics I had written when the album was released in 1978….

It also was a time when Mark Knopfler didn’t take the credit for writing the songs, though it would have been too obvious if [Whats the matter baby] had lyrics by David and Mark Knopfler, and David Knopfler had written [Sacred Loving][Eastbound Train] and [Real girl] lyrics by Mark Knopfler, then it would be strange if the rest of the album had songs by Mark Knopfler.

So really even as far back as that David Knopfler was being subjected to some dodgy dealings by his brother and John Illsley, who had not mentioned to him my part in Dire Straits. A secret that according to David Knopfler he knew nothing about until 2006 when I got in touch with him, for Mark had to be contacted through the Brewers Droop website, so I sent the fateful email about my part in Dire Straits to a brother who really was innocent to his bigger brothers skulduggery with Illsley and all behind his back for all of those years, and he still calls Illsley his friend. David if you read this and you were upset about not having your songs and lyrics put on any of your brothers future albums, [Communique] [Love over Gold] ha ha[Making Movies] it was because you were not part of the gang of two. Now its myself whose getting the silent treatment from two Straights, whose treatment of yourself has been Dire.

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