Intellectual Property Laws in Britain are as antiquated to the Romans arrival on the shores of England and calling it Britannia.

In the 18th and probably the 19th centuries it was settled by a few rounds of bare knuckle fighting, or in a more serious manner with Pistols or Swords on a cold early morning.

I didn’t even give Intellectual Property Laws a thought when I first went to a Solicitor in Bristol. John Illsley and I had spoken of how I’d contact him if the band became a success, it would be a simple letter from a respected Lawyer telling Illsley it was the real Robert Marshal who was trying to get in touch.

However the Bristol Solicitors took it into their heads to send citations to nearly everyone who had been part of Dire Straits the band, and my letter of introduction to Illsley was put in the bin. Being so many miles away from their office in Bristol,this was all being done without my say so, even though it was my money the sharks had got their teeth into a piece of fresh flesh and were not letting go.

They sent the citations out to the individual band members Mark Knopfler, David Knopfler, John Illsley, Pick Withers, Guy Fletcher, Jack Sonni, I even think Danny Cummings was included. The list of names became almost endless and the pile of Citations was massive, and it was all done without my approval.

The address the Solicitors sent them to, sent them back unopened saying Return to Sender address unknown, they didn’t even know how to contact the people on the list of Citations. And this procedure of sending them out and then having them returned to their office in Bristol, went on and on draining my capital and convincing me I’d met the Key Stone Cops of Solicitors.

To the Bristol Solicitors relieve and to my horror a guy called Denis O’shea from Boscombe in Hampshire, Illsley’s territory, put his hand up and said he would accept the Citations. Who is Denis O’shea and what connection does he have with Dire Straits or any of the band members, none, he is a friend of someone who worked for John Illsley, and that was where the Citations were sent.

The Bristol Solicitors having got shot of their Citations, immediately snapped closed their briefcases with my money, said they’d done their bit as it was getting a bit to heavy for them and retired to the restaurants and bars of Bristol to spend it.

I contacted Denis O’shea who is a dupe in a duplicity set up by John Illsley’s friend, a gentleman who was taken advantage of for being sincere, and trusting someone he thought was a friend. You know how to pick us John so is it fists or Pistols at Dawn, I don”t think you’ve got the bottle even to apologise to Mr O’shea.




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  1. Posted by Jim torsair on July 22, 2014 at 11:41 am

    Why are there no watermarks and not on headed paper?


    • Ive still to write the text into that part of the D.S. trip. I’m not sure about watermarks, but the reply was never from John Illsleys Lawyers, in fact I have a feeling it was from Illsley himself. So the phonies and the fake were with me in Deptford and I was writing about them. I will get on to writing all the reasons of why I put those snippets onto the blog, that will explain it better than pieces of paper. Good question though.


  2. Posted by The Sleuth's Drouth on July 29, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Of course it is a Lawyer’s job to spin out any case as long and as far as his client will tolerate so as to maximise his own fee. With a Lawyer in “Chancery Lane”, well that should be a clear signal, another Freuderian [sic] slip.

    For me all this Lawyer nonsense is a waste of time for you, and since Knopfler unarguably did write the music and play the actual guitar, trying to wring moneys from him now is a waste of time. You should work towards getting him and Illsley to merely admit that you wrote the lyrics, and you should in return absolve them of any liability in claims by you for past Dire Straits performances of the songs, and all past royalties from sales of their own past performances of these songs. A deal which they would both readily agree to, I am certain.

    This would leave you able to claim residual rights for any “Cover Versions” which included all or part of your lyrics, recorded by other Artists, and included in Movies, TV Shows, and played on the radio, and so on. This agreement would be predicated on an agreed “settlement fee” having been paid out in full from the duo’s main company Dire Straits Limited.

    To that end I might suggest contacting The Harry Fox Agency who specialise in this type of lyric copyright protection and policing, within the music industry, and whose reputation is widely known and respected by Knopfler and his mates, and all major Record Labels and Hollywood Studios & etc.

    Record companies, and Movie / TV Studios have far deeper pockets that Knopfler & Illsley, and in point of fact have a multi-million annual budget to settle such claims. HFC are in a much better position than you are to progress such an investigation.


    Another Freuderian slip ? Somehow it seems appropriate :

    Dire Straits – Private Investigations – Lyrics:

    It’s a mystery to me – the game commences
    for the usual fee – plus expenses
    confidential information – contained in a diary
    this is my investigation – not a public inquiry

    I go checking out the reports – digging up the dirt
    you get to meet all sorts in this line of work
    treachery and treason – there’s always an excuse for it
    and when I find the reason I still can’t get used to it

    And what have you got at the end of the day?
    what have you got to take away?
    a bottle of whisky and a new set of lies
    blinds on the windows and a pain behind the eyes

    Scarred for life – no compensation
    private investigations



    How Very True are these words ?


  3. Posted by H. Molln on August 13, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Dear Mr Marshal,

    we are preparing an article on the whole issue for our Online Magazine (German language).and have some questions beyond your writing on this blog. Please contact us under the given E-Mail asap.

    With the best.


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