Mark Knopflers Song to be played at the Edinburgh Tattoo


Mark Knopfler says he has had a long time interest in the British Army, of course that’s because of Brothers in Arms, the song he played to my lyrics. If Knopfler or Illsley had been in the armed forces, and knew how to live the life of a soldier, they would have a greater respect for a comrade whose lyrics promoted them to wealth and position?

Had this been the French Foreign Legion and they’d done that to one of their own, the fingers that Mark uses to pluck the strings of the guitar would be missing. As for Illsley’s contempt for a comrade and his habitual plundering of the monies that I made, it would be the whole hand he would have had taken from him.

The long time interest I have with the Edinburgh Tattoo, is that I with many of my comrades in the Royal Scots, The Cameronians, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, all now defunct, marched with pride down the castles esplanade to the massed pipe and drums of the Highland Regiments.

I have been introduced to Field Marshal Montgomery on Her Majesty The Queens Birthday parade, an honour indeed for me to have spoken to the great man. Another great soldier was R.S.M. Smith of the Coldstream Guards, whose voice was reckoned to be the loudest in the British Army, and who would have had Illsley and Knopfler quick march straight to the clink for their misdemeanors, not be praised for taking credit for something they didn’t write.

That is why I’m all in favor of National Service, it shapes characters and brings out the best in you, it also gives you a identity and a goal to reach for. Something they obviously don’t teach you at the public school John Illsley attended, or painting. Plagiarism and bullying were definitely on the timetable. And this was quite notable the bullying part I mean when I was at the 1oo club to see him and Grieg Pearle perform. He didn’t even have the gumption to ask me to leave the after drinks party, as I was obviously making him look small in front of his admirers, who were asking him who I was. That the six foot four coward put the onus on some guy who didn’t have a scooby of what was going on to ask me to leave, as he slithered away into the crowd, if I’d known then what his game was. I would not have been the group called the Aftermath, it would have been Illsley who would have had a Aftermath. And probably still have, he spent two years lying on a couch having therapy to convince him I didn’t exist, if he feels like another few year on his back I will certainly oblige him. Another lack in that private schooling that breeds gutless people, and to think the guy says he has cancer, is there nothing not even a illness like that to get this guy to tell the truth.

I’m sure there will be quite a few ex military and serving armed forces members who are Dire Straits fans, so from a comrade in arms to another, lets get the true Dire Straits Story from a couple of chancer’s. I want a musical festival at Dunnoter Castle, starting with a Dire Straits Re-union, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and a host of rock stars, and Mark Knopfler and John Illsley can help pay for it. A Tattoo of rock stars and helping serving soldiers and those who need our help, so come on Mark put your money where your mouth is you said your commitment for the Tank boys goes far back, lets see if it goes as far back as your wallet.

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