Mark Knopfler Cancels two Shows for Human Rights


Mark Knopfler has cancelled two gigs in Russia claiming he is doing it on behalf of Human Rights? I’m all for it, but does peoples Rights not start at home, and does that not include the Rights of the lyricist who wrote the Dire Straits lyrics, to have a Right to be adequately reimbursed from the wealth his lyrics brought the band. If you are going to stand up for peoples Civil Liberties, you have to believe in them, and make sure that your clear of all sins relating to them. You cannot go preaching about some other countries injustices when your doing them yourself in this country.? And as for claiming you were a pupil at Bearsden Primary school, which you probably were, they were taught to say,”They nicked it,” not “I plagiarized it,” get a grip Mark your not a Glaswegian, and you will never be a Scot, for we believe in Human Rights and Civil Liberties, and seemingly you don’t.

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  1. Posted by Alan Macdonald on November 9, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Mark has said this year that he was a pupil of Bearsden Primary School, Bearsden, Glasgow. Not true as he lived close to me in Westerton, Bearsden and we both went to Westerton Primary School, which is in the burgh of Bearsden. When Westerton Primary School was closed down we were all transferred to Bearsden Primary, but by that time Mark and his family had moved away.


    • Posted by Stuart Nicol on July 30, 2015 at 2:24 am

      When exactly was this? I lived in Westerton ’60 – ’83 and was a pupil at Westerton primary ’64 -’71 & don’t rememember any of this.

      Alan McD – where exactly did you and MK stay?

      I have no knowledge of the school ever closing. Certainly not with the transfer of pupils to Bearsden primary.

      The school is still open!


      • Mark Knopfler is 65 he would be at Westerton Primary in ABOUT 1954 its claimed for two years 1956, if he was there surely they would have at least let the pupils know a famous guitarist got his educational start in life at that school. Its probably like Sean Connery they make up their background as they go along.

      • Hi Stuart
        Thank you for your interest in my post.
        The Westerton Primary School I’m referring to was an old two class school that sat on the site of which is now the community hall/library. The school you are thinking about is up the hill next to the church and is, of course, still standing. I went to the old school from 1954-56, the same time as Mark Knopler. In those days, after two years at the old school we were sent to continue our primary education at Bearsden Primary. To my knowledge Mark and his family had moved away by the end of 1956 and he didn’t attend Bearsden Primary. I have had this confirmed by an old school friend who lived opposite his family at Wheatfield Road. They lived at no 30. It was therefore surprising when I saw Mark offering his support to the campaign to keep Bearsden Primary open which, as you may know, is or was in danger of being closed and built elsewhere. Mark also reminisces about how he sat on the banks of the Clyde watching the ships go down the river. A bit dangerous for a 6 year boy wouldn’t you say!!
        Incidentally I lived at 35 North View until 1974.
        I hope this fills in a few gaps for you Stuart.
        Best wishes
        Alan Macdonald

  2. Posted by Caroline Tierney on February 7, 2016 at 11:02 am

    Wow this is something else. I presently live at no. 32 Wheatfield Rd and Mark would have lived in the house next door! I was a bit dubious when my old neighbour told me this story. There is a stone building at the back of the garden and my old neighbour told me that Mark would spend time in there! Feel bad that I did not really believe my neighbour!
    C Tierney


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