Mark Lawson V Mark Knopfler

Well if you had to sit through a hour of bluff about Dire Straits the beginning of a super group, Mark Knopfler did it with the ease of a professional spinner. If there is one Dire Straits fan that still believes Knopfler wrote the lyrics of Wild West, End Down South Again, Six Blade Knife, or any other lyric related to the first Dire Straits Album I’d advice them to stick their head down the toilet.

The guff that Knopfler came out with apart from Money for Nothing, which I wrote about him and Illsley, was the truth Sailing to Philadelphia he wrote and he made sure to get away from anything I had written within minutes of the interview, as though the first Dire Straits album had never existed.

Now remember that album was their first and should have been the most spoken about, was it like hell it was. He stammered and second thought every question like a thief being interviewed by the police. If you get blisters working in a white goods store, change your job, even

Mark Lawson knew he was being lied too, us Scots are amiable characters until we get ripped off, and if a Geordie is running about wearing a kilt its because he stole it from a Scotsman, just like you Mark? You gave us a lesson on how to evade the truth, but the only person you were kidding was yourself and it does not suit you.

mark_lawson2_140x140If money and fame means so much to you, why don’t you just tell the truth about my part in Dire Straits, or did you lose you morality when the pound notes flooded in.

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  1. Posted by John on May 26, 2021 at 8:48 am

    You need to see a shrink. As in ‘now’.


    • Is that it, I go to psychiatrist and say, John from Tadley told me I need a shrink, the reason is he read something on my blog on WordPress, they’d be wanting your address pal, and you don’t need that type of support until you get your Jesters hat from the Gallery, and people like me are looked upon as a smoking gun, something Ronnie Gurr said, so I wont be getting my hat from the Vultures, who says whose going to be in the Gallery, so read my lyrics they may give you the help your needing to widen your mind about the ARTS INDUSTRY, that’s as bent as a three pound note, or as Pink Floyd said, the lunatics have taken over the asylum, and that goes for the music business, the government, the law, etc, and you think I need a shrink. I’ve not heard a whisper from anyone from Dire Straits management or band, dispute my claim, so what’s your grief, Mark was the front man of D.S. and Illsley the bassist and I was the lyricist who gave the band the name Dire Straits. The lunacy came in when the money came in, heads swell as truth dwindles, and the old story of saying we will sort that problem out when it arrives, arrived and this is the outcome, Reputations count for nothing if all you were after was the money, Illsley must be fuming that he didn’t demand half shares of the monies, as a equal partner, the poor guy is having to write a book as his cash disappears, and that wont keep him in the lord of the manor lifestyle he enjoys, so will Mark bail him out I don’t think so, his last album didn’t bring him any capital, and that will burst the bank of Dire Straits that feeds the both of them. So it only goes to prove the truth comes back to bite you in the most sensitive places, you thought you’d hidden under a sticking plaster, maybe we should take the album love over gold, as it states love over gold.


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