John Edward Illsley a Business of Failures

bank‘Why are you having to live of a State Pension, and you don’t even own your own house, if you wrote the lyrics for Dire Straits, and why wont they give you the money your owed, for they are loaded,”. I wont be the first Poet Lyricist to end up in a paupers grave due to people who they have made successful being shallow minded.

For when I was about to leave the house in Deptford having spent my little grey matter in writing the lyrics, I told John Illsley and Mark Knopfler if the band, and remember there was no band at that time, becomes a super group I want nothing to do with it, also if you become millionaires I wont talk to you.?

Now this was said by me to two guys who were obviously educated but lacking in the here and now department, and have taken what I said as fact, for the only reason I can see for their lack of communication with me is what I said to them on that night, when there was not a band, and definitely not a millionaire in the company, and a great lack of humor in their part.

I don’t know the dictionary¬† word for Greedy Tight Fisted Arrogant Selfish Thoughtless Unfeeling People, but Mark Knopfler and John Illsley certainly fill the bill. And I’m sure Greg Pearle who was dumped by Illsley would verify my sentiments about two of the meanest arseholes in Rock History.

Depending on what you think loaded or wealthy means, that may have been true at one time, until John Edward Illsley the Bankers son got his hands on it.

Chariscourt Limited was started in 1979 as a investment by Mark Knopfler and John Illsley, when I appeared back onto the scene in 2005 it was Dissolved.

The other companies that have been Dissolved with John Edward Illsley as a Director are Pencoed Trading Company Limited, twice Dissolved. J.O.Williams and Company Limited.

Cater Allan Asset Management Limited. Sheppards Money brokers [ Equities] Limited. Roger Cunliffe Investments Limited. Kirby Two Limited and Kirby one Limited. Soho Property one Limited.

The Master Builders House Hotel Limited. Branded Entertainment Limited. A1 Golf and Tennis Center Limited. Aviator Productions Limited. East End Brewery Company Limited. Songworks Limited.Wayside Place Limited. Humanology Limited. Patrongate Limited. Dallenreys Limited.

All of these Companies have been Dissolved owing money with John Edward Illsley as Director. That is why I do not seem to be popular with both Illsley and Knopfler for the only credible source of money is coming from the money the Dire Straits albums still bring into the coffers.

Two of them with my lyrics, and that seems to be the reason for them snubbing me, because of Knopfler and Illsley’s mismanagement of the Dire Straits wealth.

That was why Mark Knopfler used the money [My Money] of Straitjacketmusic to build British Grove Studios, they’d wasted their own in bad deals. And its there for anyone to read in Company Records. Bastards.


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