MARK KNOPFLER and JOHN ILLSLEY have now known for the last six years, that I’m not dead though they probably wish I was, and I’m not joking, and if you want to know why it took me so long to reappear into their sick lives then read ROBERT MARSHAL meets MARK KNOPFLER?

It is now three years since I had to resort to putting a Blog onto the Web explaining my part in DIRE STRAITS, and though Ive had tens of thousands of hits onto it, the lack of offensive or in depths discussions by those who have read what I have written I take is proof, that the DIRE STRAITS fans have read what is clearly written on the album cover, LYRICS by STRAITJACKET whether SONGS or MUSIC its still not MARK KNOPFLERS LYRICS, though to some extent MARK KNOPFLER did write the songs, ie the music and tunes that I could claim I helped with?

I would also like to explain that after I wrote the lyrics, an agreement was signed by me in the presence of KNOPFLER and ILLSLEY that I would have no part in the band DIRE STRAITS if it was formed. This will explained clearly in ROBERT MARSHAL MEETS MARK KNOPFLER, which will probably help to clarify why I think DAVID KNOPFLER left DIRE STRAITS, when the band was moving towards global success?

JOHN ILLSLEY claims that on Tuesdays, young would be punk guitarists would congregate in the house in Deptford South London, where he would tune their guitars, I bet. Then I would like some of those guys to get in touch with me, and we will talk about those Tuesdays to which ILLSLEY invited me to attend.

I would also like to know what kind of CHARACTER and so called PERSON, and this goes for MARK KNOPFLER and JOHN ILLSLEY, WHO after so much success and fame have not got the bottle or civility in their minds or hearts. That after so many years that when the person who helped to give them what most artists crave for, recognition, that they cannot even be bothered to ask or find out if they could be of help to them, as a friend or even as a business associate. Or simply ask how they are.? A colleague of mine ASKED ME WHY I WAS BEING SO SEVERE when I wrote this Blog, if you are dealing with people of that type it should be me who is Cleaning MY GUN, and PUNISHING the MONKEYS if there was any chivalry in KNOPFLER or ILLSLEY it would be SABRES at DAWN, and it may still get to that and they both know it, or they have forgotten to read the lyrics of the BROTHERS IN ARMS ALBUM, a ALBUM that’s lyrics my lyrics that should never have been put to music, that was stated when I put my name to the contract that I signed. So who has that contract, Thank You ROBERT ALLAN.

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  1. Posted by Barnaby on April 5, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    You mean you didn’t get a copy of this contract after you and MK signed it. That was a big mistake Robert!


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