Corrupted Britain

Britain must be one of the most corrupted countries in the world, that you need to take someone to court to get the truth out of them. And where the media sits on the fence like crows waiting for the first one to take a leap onto the carcass, before joining in on the frenzy of pulling the free meal ticket apart.
I was in the Army when John Profumo, the then Minister of War was caught living it up with a couple of prostitutes, while indulging himself in the life style of a playboy millionaire. His behavior to the troops who were stationed all over the world at the time, putting the Great into Britain discredited everything we stood for. And yes he got the sack but continued his political career on the back benches of Government, and probably still pulling prostitutes paid for by who the tax payer. Now its the BBC and Sir Jimmy Saville O.B.Es. turn, and its not the first time at the Beeb where a presenters dubious behavioral traits have got them the boot, or demoted, and like Saville said about the time he kept a young female absconder overnight, “If I go down, so will half of those supposedly looking after her welfare,” so if they get caught they are fired and rehired. Jimmy Saville was the most obnoxious person to be hired as a presenter on Top of the Pops, his patter was crap and it was self love at first sight. If there are people who male or female have been the victim of abuse by a celebrity or someone who has used their position of trust to attack them, this is the time to expose them while the iron is hot. For time passes and we forget and when we complain its back to the deaf ears, and have you got the money to sue them, if not, hard luck and no sympathy…

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