Margaret Thatcher could not have found a better gang of  three professionals in their own fields to run the country, than those that were somehow drawn into the Dire Strait phenomenon to run the band. What was it that seemed to attract those who would help propel the Dire Straits on their journey to fame and fortune, then see the reputation of the band smeared by Plagiarism by the same people of the band who had  become rich and famous on the reputations of  these men.

On the left Ed Bicknell, who once upon a time played drums I suppose in a backing band for Jess Conrad who was a solo singer in the 1960s. He also seems to have been a bit of a booking agent for Wishbone Ash, Pink Floyd and the great John Mayhal’s Bluesbreakers, a man of many talents.

It was John Stainze who had signed Dire Straits up on the Vertigo Label, who had suggested to Ed Bicknell to go and suss out the group, and that’s how he became the manager of Dire Straits. I don’t know if he was a millionaire before he hooked up with Knopfler and Illsley, but through the lyrics that I wrote, and Mark Knopfler’s music if he wasn’t  one then, he became one fast.

With a Mansion house in a fashionable part of London’s Chelsea, and other houses around the world, as you would expect from the monies that Dire Straits grossed, he now sits on panels telling people how to make it big in the music industry.

And if he remembers that when he asked Mark Knopfler about the lyrics, and was told that someone had whispered them into his ear, (Guardian Newspaper report) well that was almost right Ed, but there was a little bit more to it than that? And if you value your reputation mate, I’d whisper into Mark Knopfler’s ear to give the lyricist Robert Marshal his just share of the monies due to him. And be the good guy that I know you are.

In the center seat, Thank you Robert Allan as written on the credits of the Dire Straits Album, by I assume the very grateful Mark Knopfler and John Illsley for the services of  a very competent Solicitor.

Allan was the Dire Straits Solicitor from 1977 until the renewal of their business contract in 1985, when I believe my part in Dire Straits and Straitjacket Music was removed into the archives, alongside Roberts own dealings with Dire Straits that would end with a very generous golden handshake?.

I have been in contact with Mr Allan, but due to his previous dealings with Knopfler and Illsley, it seems it would be unethical TO REVEAL my part and Straitjacket Music into the public domain. This seems unethical to me, as by rights if Robert Allan was acting for the band Dire Straits, a band whose name was given by me, and the lyrics written by me, in truth he was also acting for me under Straitjacket Music, whose money paid for the building of British Grove Studios. So there is no myth about my part in Dire Straits. Its just about the amount of time that went passed, before I reappeared back onto the scene and no one as yet has asked me that question?

So Mr Robert Allan knows all, but sees it as his duty and perhaps through a mistaken idea about friendship with Knopfler and Illsley, to hide away from the truth in his ivory tower. That the said two friends are about to bring down around him by their desire to destroy the name of Dire Straits.

So before reputations end up in the rubble of a Dire Strait rip off, lets get the matter of who done what and who wrote what sorted, and you know the truth Robert Allan so don’t go and hide it under the morgue stone sheets.

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