Dire Straits songs left out of the London Olympics

I to was amazed as the songs of the British super groups were played during the start of the Olympics, everyone of them deserving the air play given to them. However the biggest name of all of them was missing, Dire Straits, and the reason for this. According to the Guy Fletcher forum, its because they don’t exist anymore, but neither do the majority of the bands whose hit records did get played.? Now that made me wonder why Guy Fletcher answered the question, of the neglect of one of Britain’s Super Groups in such a frivolous manner, is someone trying to destroy the image of Dire Straits. Someone perhaps who has broken away from the band and wants to pursue a SOLO CAREER, but somehow the fans keep asking them to play Dire Strait songs. Is Mark Knopfler trying to destroy what he helped build, in a effort to sell his solo records in the hope he can become greater than the band Dire Straits. Or is it Mr John Illsley the two faced bankers son who had to accept the fact that he was just a bass player, while Mark Knopfler got all the credit as lead guitarist singer and song writer of a incredible band. When I went to see Illsley in St James in London where he was exhibiting his guitars on canvas. His appalling lack of courtesy and behavioral trend towards the criminal was evident as soon as I introduced myself to him. He immediately became defensive, telling me that Mark and he didn’t know why I’d made my part in Dire Straits public, and they didn’t know what it was that I wanted from them. And anyway he was trying to sell one of his paintings for charity, and he had no time to discuss anything more with me. Now this is coming from someone who is living the life of a millionaire from the lyrics that I wrote. He didn’t shake my hand, give me a friendly hug, a thank you, a see me later invitation, no he tottered away to where a friend of his was trying to take down the painting to be auctioned, and all I got was a wave from the back of his hand. Now if that is the behavior of a trustworthy citizen then I’m Al Capone, and when I pelt him with rotting eggs the smell will suit his persona, for he is a definite candidate for destroying the reputation of Dire Straits. I thought he loved and was a friend of Mark Knopfler, now it seems he’s just in it for the money, my money. And if he continues with this Plagiarism that borders on theft, the O.B.Es. will be returning from whence they came. It may seem to the Dire Straits fans nothing is being done in my corner, I can assure them there are and perhaps this neglect to put a Dire Strait song into the Olympics, could be the proof. So before Dire Straits become Dire and not so Straight, I urge the fans to demand the truth about my part in Dire Straits, and stop this degradation of a great band.

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