A Life in Songs Mark Knopfler

Planet North who produced Mark Knopfler’s fable about his Life In Songs, failed miserably to get anything resembling the truth out of the Dire Straits lead guitarist, “I went into my local pub in Deptford, I think it was called the George, it was empty except for a couple of guys playing pool, a band was on the stage and they were called The Sultans of Swing,”? Was that really all you had to say about a song that made Dire Straits famous, for when I wrote the lyrics of Sultans of Swing, I told you that the length of the story would be questioned by those in the music industry, for even the song version is over six minutes long.

And your story about the guys humping televisions and fridges in the American store, the only truth about that scenario was that on each of the television screens, probably was the M.T.V. logo and that was your only inclusion in the actual lyric writing apart from the music. For when I recited the words of Money for Nothing and you taped it that was 1975 and I said I.T.V…..

The other despicable part was when you brought your family into your story, do they know about me and my part in Dire Straits. And I bet you have been very generous to them, which I’m sure they appreciate and thank you for. What about my family Mark, or is it just the Knopflers you care about, the poor refugee family running from the NAZI’S. who find a home in this country and through a Scottish Poet wealth, its a fairy tale Mark, until you rip me of, then I begin to wonder why your family needed to run from Hungary in 1939.

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