Guy Fletcher a Dire Straight

guyWhat on earth was Guy Fletcher thinking when he commented on his blog, that he would be glad to see the end of the Dire Straits fans going to the Mark Knopfler gigs.

Those fans are the very reason he is still standing on a stage and still getting paid for it, so Guy get a grip mate before you get some foul thing thrown at you, or get back to sorting bikes.

And for someone who should have had contact from my solicitors about my part in Dire Straits, and remembering his previous comment when someone asked him about my blog and his answer,’There isn’t a gentleman there,” that I believe he said because I had made my part in Dire Straits public.

His new gaff now exposes him as someone who doesn’t have a real friendship with Mark Knopfler, but willingly voices what John Illsley the boss tells him to say, “Nutter”….Of course he knows nothing about how Dire Straits started, or who wrote the lyrics, and I have never said I wrote the songs and Ive never heard anyone else say they had either.

The reason why Guy Fletcher has a forum that Dire Strait fans turn to, is that there is not a Dire Strait forum, as Illsley and Knopfler would need to answer some very delicate questions if there was one.

And if Guy Fletcher and Pick Withers, Jack Sonni and the rest of the people who were once part of Dire Straits have never received a copy of the citation drawn up by my Solicitors, about my claim then there seems to be a conspiracy to defraud me of what I’m due.

So we may see the police being brought into what can only be a Dire Straits rip off, what happened to the good old rock and roll, and musicians standing together against our work being used plagiaristically, and band members are not helping by playing the music or singing the lyrics.

Have you not heard of the Musicians Union Guy Fletcher?

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