Three lines of Cocaine


There’s a rumor going round, and it seems its  being spread by a few so called musicians, that I sold the lyrics of the Dire Straits album to Mark Knopfler for three lines of Cocaine. This is absolute nonsense, and I suggest anyone who thinks its true, should read the page on my blog, ( Robert Marshal meets Mark Knopfler).

Its true that myself and Mark Knopfler did partake in a few lines of the white powder, but that was the norm in those days, and I also believe that in 1985 Mr Knopfler came out against the use of drugs, so what..?

And if you read the lyrics that I wrote for Dire Straits, most were written while we were stoned, but many of the lines, (not the cocaine) had been part of my repertoire from my time busking round the pubs in the East End of London.

Id also like to point out there are Libel Laws in this country, Britain, so I would not be writing this if it were not true, and have evidence to prove it. I did not expect to be writing about my part in Dire Straits on a blog however, as I expected to be welcomed by my cohorts, (John Illsley and Knopfler), as a friend who had brought them wealth and popularity, and not shunned like I was unequal to them.

This I blame on, John Illsley, who is just a snob and a bigot, I didn’t go to the right schools to be in his company, no but I can write better lyrics than him. And his rich friends are only there beside him because of the money, those lyrics brought him through Dire Straits. And as for Guy Fletcher, a reject from Roxy Music, who said I wasn’t a gentleman, I did not go cap in hand begging to be part of Dire Straits, I was the one who with Mark Knopfler made them possible.

So remember who in reality is paying your wages Guy, you really are a lackey pal, and all you are to Mark Knopfler is a bit of chewing gum stuck on his shoe that he cant get rid of. And who broke that lovely nose guy?

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