Dire Straits





ds2Dire Straits as a band were geniuses, Mark Knopfler lead guitar, and vocals, wrote the music for the songs. John Illsley bass guitar, in the first Dire Straits Album, somehow excelled in that department. David Knopfler did what he was told, a bit like George Harrison with the Beatles, on rhythm guitar. And David Pick Withers a experienced drummer held it all together, another genius. The lyrics were supplied by Robert Marshal Straitjacket Music, that somehow became Straitjacket Songs. Mark Knopfler has never said he wrote the lyrics of the Dire Straits Album, and although he was there when they were written, he didn’t actually contribute much to the structuring or the actual writing of the words. It is through complete hearsay from music reporters, who, because someone says that they wrote the songs, think this includes the lyrics. Dire Straits as a band using the lyrics from Straitjacket Music, had a shelf life of five years at best. Even with the release of Mark Knopflers Communique, and his other two self penned albums, Dire Straits the band were fumbling in the dark. I believe it was through that reason David Knopfler and David Pick Withers chose to leave Dire Straits. Of course there were other problems, that one day may be released to the Media. I don’t even think the success of the Brothers in Arms Album, lyrics again from Straitjacket Music, would have brought back David Knopfler or Pick Withers to Dire Straits. Though I would love to see them reform, before its all to late.

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