Writers and Musicians against Plagiarism

Wanted For Plagiarism

Do you know it would cost 60,000 to a hundred thousand pounds on Court and Solicitors fees, if someone Plagiarized your material. Mathew Fisher took forty years of his life, ( Because he did not have that kind of money) trying to get the people who benefited from his contribution in a Whiter Shade of Pale, to come clean and tell the truth, they didn’t and it was settled in court in his favor. But it would have cost him the price of a house if he had lost, and of course many years of his life could have been better used in the music industry. The fact that you have to take someone who had Plagiarized your material through the Law system, makes you wonder what kind of person they are and how in hell you got involved with them in the first place. For someone to claim that the music or lyrics that they used were their own, when in reality they swiped it from someone else, is just common theft and should be tried in the same courts where thief’s are tried, for that is what they are thief’s. So anyone who is thinking of writing or recording their own music or lyrics, please copyright everything for there are real bastards in the music industry.

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