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Just got back from the ceremony, I was to young to be in the second world war, but I do appreciate the massive sacrifices that were made. Its a pity that some people who came from countries that were occupied by the Nazi, do not consider themselves as lucky to have been given a home in this country, and abuse their status.

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  1. How can a person, born on August 12 1949 in Glasgow, abuse a status given during the second world war?


    • I take what you have written is about Mark Knopfler? Whose father was said to have fled from Hungary as the Nazi’s arrived due to his political and communist beliefs,that perhaps would have seen him shot or imprisoned. However I do not think Knopfler is a Hungarian name, and would have to see a passport to know what country that Mark Knopfler’s father actually belonged too, before he sought asylum in Britain. What we do know is that the father married a woman from the North of England, who came from Newcastle.[Citation Needed], and they went to live in Glasgow, where Mark and David Knopfler were born, making the children Hungarian Scots if they were registered in Scotland. If Mark Knopfler was brought up in a household that held Communist beliefs which is a advanced form of Socialism whose aim was for a internationally planned Society where the exploitation of any section of the community would not exist, then Mark Knopfler if he believed in that I would not be writing this, and Mark Knopfler would be a welcomed Scot. When I wrote about the aliens who have sought refuge in this country and abusing our goodwill and hospitality, I think it was in general to what is happening throughout Britain.


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