John Illsley a Dire Strait


















I first saw John Illsley sitting in the cafe he had the look of someone who had lost his student grant?.

However after he’d made the reference to my remark to the waitress,”I want to marry you,” and he replied in his over posh upper crust accent, that my mother used to  say was caused by having,” A marble stuck in their mouth,” I knew at once that this guy has wanted for nothing in his life.

It must have been the clothes I was wearing that made him think I was someone of  substance. My expensive leather jacket, leather boots straight from Chelsea High Street, the gold sovereign ring, perhaps even the imitation Cartier watch. However if he had asked,”What or where I was going dressed like a rock star, ” at that time of the day. He would have found out I was on my way to work not far from Shaftsbury Avenue, in Berwick Street in Soho where I helped to run a stall with a mate of mine.

And if  Illsley saw money in me it was all on show on what I was wearing, and when he asked me back to the house in Deptford, on my part it was out of curiosity that I accepted the invitation?.

I also attended the farcical plaque unveiling at Farrer House, where I got a limp wave of a hand from Illsley and a acting course from Mark Knopfler, waving his hands in the air declaring, “That was forty years ago,” to a question to how Dire Straits came about.

At this jog to his memory, his management team gathered round him like vultures around a carcass, and guided him away from the guy that made his and Illsleys reputations and wealth’s.

Johnny Depp said that money doesn’t change the person, just their environment changes, NOT IN THIS CASE JOHNNY?….I was glad that David Knopfler and Dave Pick Withers were not at the reception, for that would have made them part of what Id have described as a pure Dire Straits rip off.

And as neither of them were there at the beginning  and were seemingly unaware of my lyric writing, making it seem that David was really just there and available for the role of  rhythm guitarist.

Pick Withers was a proven professional  on the drums, which I’m sure he did with honesty and integrity. Yet it certainly puts David and Mark Knopflers relationship as brothers into doubt, as he put more trust about my part in Dire Straits with John Illsley, leaving his own blood out of the picture, poor bugger?..

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