The Straits or The New Straits

Remembering that Dire Straits was started with just a name and lyrics. I’m sure the Straits could fill that gap with new lyrics from the same source that Mark Knopfler got his from. There are talented guys in the Straits band, who could probably do more than justify in writing songs around the lyrics written by the original lyricist. When Dire Straits were formed it was the lyrics and the music that caught the public’s attention, personalities came last on the list. The main reason the music industry brings nubile young women, and good looking guys into the business, is to please the eyes and hope the ears don’t hear the crap that is being sang or played. Dire Straits was set up as a group and definitely not for a  individual to get the credit, in fact the first time I saw Mark Knopfler I couldn’t really see him as a lead singer, but it certainly worked. As for what he thinks about the Straits, its really not up to him Dire Straits was not his idea. When they say founded they mean they got the rest of the group together, David Knopfler John Illsley Dave Pick Withers and Mark Knopfler who wrote the music, and made up the songs. Not the band name and definitely not the lyrics so I would think the Straits could have called themselves Dire Straits, if they were to ask the person who started the whole thing of at the beginning?.

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