Bob Dylan vesus Mark Knopfler


Having in the early sixties witnessed the arrival of Dylan’s music into Britain, and watched my mates trying to play the chords of the songs. I felt Dylan as a poet was a worthy singer songwriter, whose chosen course in life was to let us know about the world’s corruptible legacy.

Now it seems he has chosen to tour with Mark Knopfler, who doesn’t give a hoot about plagiarism and friendship, or who he rips of just to fill the Knopfler coffers, with money. “Are you the guy who is going to make me a millionaire,” were his first words to me. Now Id like for him to tell me, “Is he the guy who wants to make me a pauper,” just so that he can live in his world of lies?.

A fitting partner for Dylan, I think not, and Ive not heard one of his previous band members say something nice about him, and its simple to understand why, if you take on the identity of the person who wrote the lyrics. People want you to be that person, and if you cannot act the part, you get found out, and your defense is silence, exactly what is happening.

But Bob Dylan getting involved in Knopflers despicable Dire Straits Rip Off, so get him told Bob, as Mathew Fisher said, if it wasn’t for the part he played in A.W.S.O.P there would have been a few more people on the dole, and that goes for Mark Knopfler David Knopfler, and John Illsley.

The only person who I consider who was real in Dire Straits was Dave Pick Withers, and he had a proven record in the music industry. The rest would have been on the dole if it had not been for my lyrics, and what I see they got from it was the greed they were born with, so if you see a wanted poster at Dylan’s gigs regarding two crooks, called Illsley and Knopfler, its come from me.

Id also like to know from people who know I wrote the lyrics for there is a large reward awaiting. And if you are holding back through some misjudged loyalty, I don’t think your loyalty would be seen by Knopfler and Illsley as anything but a weakness on your part.

So please Bob don’t get yourself involved with  one of a couple of fraudulent con-men who it now seems lied their way into the music industry, it just makes it look like you have taken sides, and its not Rock And Roll.

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  1. Posted by mate on February 20, 2013 at 8:58 am

    You’re one frustrated man… It must have been hard for you to see Knopfler outshine Dylan in their recent tour… people leaving hall after brillant Knopfler’s performance, just prior Dylan’s turn :/


    • Mark Knopfler is a very talented guitarist whose band I’ve seen on three occasions. Dylan is a wordsmith whose lyrics search for meanings politically and socially. If they were to form a band together Mark would just be what he is musically, a serious guitarist who can put a good piece of sounding music together. He’s a guitar man whilst Bob Dylan, well he’s Bob Dylan the poor mans poet?


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