Dire Straits the name of the band

The Dire Straits name for the band came after John Illsley had written my name down for further reference, just as I was about to leave the flat in Farrer House in Deptford.

I actually was making a point of view towards the way Id seen, John Illsley and Mark Knopfler’s strange or weird  behaviour during my time spent in the house.

They actually were a couple of Straights, and I’m not talking about what people get up to in boarding schools. Street wise they would not have lasted five minutes, in the company that I was used to dealing with. I’d never encountered male jealousy before, and that was what I experienced from Illsley because of the time I was spending with Knopfler.

In fact, that was one of the reasons I promptly refused any further invitations to visit them. And it was one of the main reasons for my keeping well away, or from contacting them while Dire Straits was a band. That sort of behavior in my circle of friends, would have ended up with someone ending up in the intensive care unit of the London hospital.

Read the lyrics that I wrote and you will see it all within the lines, and that’s where Setting Me Up comes from, for there could have been more than lyrics on the floor.

And if there ever was a band called the Cafe Racers, which was seemingly named after a motor bike, it was never mentioned, they were just both students when I met them.

I had lyrics and a idea for a band, Mark Knopfler is a great guitarist, but I did not know that at the time, and probably he didn’t either, and the Gods must have favored us for the success that lay ahead.

I believe the reason why Dire Straits came to a end was the fact it just became a money machine with no conclusion. Hence the reason why I’d like them to finish what we started, in a good way?.

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