John Illsley the 100 Club Oxford Street




















I’d not realized my efforts to speak to John Illsley were causing him so much stress, until I was informed that because of my long absence from contacting Dire Straits, it had made him seek the professional help from a head shrink. As he could not believe that because of the monies that were due to me from my lyrics, I should have been demanding the cash as he and Mark Knopfler would have been?. Instead of seeking the spiritual side of life, which I was doing through the guidance of the Guru Maharajah and the Divine Light of knowledge. Something I feel John Illsley and Mark Knopfler should have done, rather than following the writing’s of Charles Dickens, and hero worship the likes of Scrooge. I also could go on about Ron Hubbard and the bridge, but I think John Illsley would run to a shrink rather than any light that would tear him away from the pounds shillings and pence signs, which was possibly thrust upon him by his banker father?. When I’d gone to see John Illsley and Greg Pearle at the Bush Hall gig,  Illsley saw me standing next to the stage, it was then I really saw fear in someone’s face, he went pale and almost fell of the stage, I could see his eyes straining to look at me as if he’d seen a ghost, it was almost hypnotic and eventually I had to wave my hand to break the spell, that caused him to step awkwardly backwards and luckily stagger into the Amps that I noticed were not Marshall’s. The experience made me think this guy thinks I’m a ghost sent to haunt him, and I immediately left the building that must have made it worse for after the set he made a point of circulating among the audience, and I was nowhere to be seen. That is why I attended  his next gig at the 100 club Oxford Street, for if he did believe in being haunted and spirits I was going to prove to him that I wasn’t one of them, and that all I wanted to know was what had happened to my money. And, was there a chance of Dire Straits getting together to make a effort in stopping the out of control knife crime in Scotland, as I felt that Six Blade Knife should be used in a anti knife campaign. Instead it seems that Greg Pearle got the push from the Illsley scene, and I almost ended up in a fight with one of the bouncers that he had instructed to make sure that I left the premises. And that is from someone who has made fifteen million pounds through my lyrics, for standing with a bass guitar, that I would happily wrap  around his neck. If that guy has a friend at all it must be his shrink, and he is only there for the money?. Shame.

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