DIRE STRAITS Corruption of Blood or Forfeiture of Property

I have been asked many times why Illsley and Knopfler, have chosen not to give me the monies Im due for writing the lyrics of the first Dire Straits album, and those on the Brothers in Arms. Which in monetary terms must be huge.
Ive read Mark Knopfler comes from a family of Jews, on his fathers side, that escaped from Hungary when the Germans invaded. The name Knopfler is not Hungarian, so I can only assume Mark Knopfler’s father was Jewish with
a Germanic background. The fathers escape from the Nazi threat to this country, probably saved his life along with his future children, and their posterity. Its just a pity that when the Knopfler’s settled in Scotland, that they never looked into the history of the country, and of its people?. When a Scotsman like a Jew loans out his property, he expects it back, and if the person he has loaned his property to makes a profit from it, he also expects to share in the value the property has made. Common sense really, and if the person who has been loaned the property does not return it to its rightful owner, or compensate that person, then that is theft. In all languages, Religions and Countries.? And as a Scotsman whose family name is Mashall whose clan has fought in every battle and war from Bannockburn to present day, this is a insult that must be rectified. Or are the Scots still living under the Corruption of Blood laws. So I would stop calling myself Scottish Mark unless your willing to act like one yourself. And the monies that Im owed were going to help in the restoration of Dunnottar Castle, my Family Seat that was Forfeited after the 1714 Rising. So if the history of the Knopflers in Scotland begins the way it has, and that they believe Scots just hand over their property, you had better think again pal.?
And Im glad the David Cameron is looking into the Corruption of Blood law, for its outdated and allowing foreigners to profit at the expense of lifes that were lost in what people believed in were right.

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