The Straits

Well it had to happen Dire Straits have become The Straits, and that’s what the majority of Dire Strait fans needed was to listen to the music they loved, and the old and new members of the new Straits gave them what they wanted. Its just a shame that Mark Knopfler could not have filled that niche himself  for again that’s what the fans want. And considering it was the fans who made Dire Straits one of the biggest bands in the world, their wants seem to mean very little to those who have been so generously rewarded by them? This negativity has certainly confused me, as I know from experience that Dire Straits were led by bread heads, so why the change of mind when there is so much left to be reaped. I can honestly say its not coming from anyones inner conscience or spiritual revival, Ive not even had a fuckin Thank You for my part in Dire Straits, so let me thank the fans of Dire Straits who enjoyed and got something from my lyrics, and that I certainly appreciate their loyalty. Someone was asking on a Forum where the saying, “Come and take a swing at Macbeth,” comes from and said by Mark Knopfler at a gig. When I was trying to get out of the house at Depdford after Id written the lyrics, I was beginning to get claustrophobic by the demands that were being put on my artistic capabilities. Id managed to get to the door of the house with Illsley and Knopfler standing watching me, when Mark Knopfler still holding the tape recorder in his hand suddenly asked, “Where are you going to now,”? not wanting to be detained any longer I replied with the first thing that came into my head which was,”Macbeth is rocking tonight,” and skipped out into the morning darkness thanking the God in heaven for the taxi that appeared out of no-where. Not knowing the district I told the taxi driver that I only had a fiver, he asked where I was going, and when I said Bethnal Green, he replied,” Thats  just through the Rotherithe Tunnel it wont be even two quid,”Then take me home,” I said slumping into the soft seat in the back of the cab,”Macbeth is swinging tonight,” I laughed closing my eyes and feeling safe for the first time since my meeting with John Illsley the day before. Not knowing  then that the lyrics I’d written and recited would become the foundation stone of a band who would sell over 120million records. But for me personally all the shit that has come with  being a part of D.S. just made me right about not getting involved with the set up in Depdford. For I knew through instinct and being suss about people there was something wrong with the deal from the start, but I didn’t think it would have been about what I’d written on bits of paper?. Extract from National Dried

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