Dire Straits In The Gallery


Mark Knopfler, after I’d written quite a few of the lyrics that would go onto the Dire Straits Album, asked me to write, what he called “Another of your poems for A FRIEND OF HIS THAT WAS POORLY”. I thought he was talking about a woman, called CARRIE, who had been hurt in a horse riding accident, so HARRY, has taken over from CARRIE and is supposed to be dedicated by Mark Knopfler to a Harry Philips his friend from Leeds, and Leeds is the only word that was included by Mark Knopfler in the lyrics.

Again I was writing about a woman, a skating ballerina, should have seen her do the skaters waltz, until she fell of her horse, and ends up working in clay and stone, a sculptress, in other words a person suffering for their art. The rest is mostly about myself and how tough it is to get into the Gallery and in London, there was an artist who took a empty canvas and stuck it on the wall. It remained blank for a long time, until someone kindly put a pencil mark in the centre, so it became a canvas with a small dot on it.

The rest of the lyric is taken up about the phonies in the music industry, and there’s plenty of them. But in honesty, I didn’t think that some players in bands would become part of that unsavoury group within the music industry, yet it seems to have happened, big time.

As a friend of mine said recently, “Musicians hate plagiarists,” so do I, and that goes for the majority of decent hard working professionals. Something I thought I’d written about Carrie, who wouldn’t compromise her art to get into the Gallery, no junk no bits of string? And I don’t believe you have to die, before you should get recognised by the Vultures. But one last thing, Mark Knopfler wasn’t sure why I had included the N.C.B that was, perhaps he knows now…

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