Pick Withers


Pick David Withers, the drummer for Dire Straits, is said to have come up with the name Dire Straits, because of Mark Knopfler and John Illsley’s state of affairs.That is complete nonsense, neither Knopfler or Illsley were TOILING ON THAT FRONT.

Illsley the son of a Banker comes from a well to do family, who sent their children to paid private schools, and the Knopfler’s didn’t seem to be hard up for cash either.

It was myself that was in Dire Straits, and it was myself who gave the name for the band. And as Pick wasn’t even thought of at that stage in the game, he would be first to admit he didn’t put a name forward for the band, its just another myth put forward to confuse the public to the truth.

Though the choice of David Pick Withers as drummer for Dire Straits, was like being given the keys to the bank of England of music. He was already a professional in the rock business, and unlike the Knopflers and Illsley who were complete outsiders and amateurs in the music scene, Pick had all his former contacts and knew the game like a drum roll.

So with my lyrics and Picks knowledge Dire Straits as a band were formed, it just needed Mark Knopflers music and songs, and the joining of the three together started the history of one of Britain’s most successful rock bands.

What I’d like to know are the former musicians who played with Dire Straits made to sign a Vow of Silence contract, for according to Pick Withers, Mark Knopfler was paranoid about falling into arguments about songwriting Royalties. Pick states,”I wasn’t a writer, but they insisted we all had to sign,” now that to me is a strange thing to have to do considering copyright is supposed cover the rights of the owner of the lyrics and the music.

The Straits drummer who has backed the greatest of rock acts also said, he feared the band was was moving into the Stadium Rock territory, and not wanting to fall into a hedonistic existence, where everybody tells you,”How great you are,” he thought it time to leave Dire Straits. Personally I think he was right, for Tonto’s Expanding Headband only fitted around the heads of Mark Knopfler and John Illsley, as Phil Palmer, Willy deVille, Edd Bicknell, David Knopfler, and probably Danny Cummings and a few more would eventually find out.

I’d like to add that Pick Withers did a brilliant job with Dire Straits, and should be recognized in the lower 20s of best drummer and I would like to meet him, for I believe he is a world class drummer, and deserves much of the credit that made Dire Straits the band, as popular as it became, so thank you David, you’re first class. Robert Marshal

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  1. Posted by Hugo Walrustitty on October 14, 2019 at 10:10 pm

    Pick’s drumming was one of my favorite parts of the Dire Straight’s sound! He also seemed to be a happy fun loving guy! A great drummer in a great band!


    • The only real professional when the band started and through his knowledge in the industry doors opened that would have remained closed if he hadn’t been there. The only honest person in the group and a real rock and roller, I loved his drumming and a true musician.


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