Carl Douglas Kung Foo Fighting

In the early 70’s I was lucky to find a live-in job as a barman, in Southall, London. And the luck continued when Carl Douglas, the Jamaican born artist who had a huge hit in 1974 with Kung Fu Fighting, and his band arrived, using the large ballroom of the hotel to rehearse for his British tour and his new release, Kung Fu Jive.

I got to know Carl, and told him that I wrote song lyrics, and that I was looking for a break into the music business. I suppose he had heard it all before, but one afternoon the band had taken a break, and had left the hotel. I went on stage and began to practice the songs I’d made up using the bands expensive organ to vamp to my lyrics, not knowing I was actually recording the material.

Of course when the band returned, the first thing they heard when playing back their rehearsed work, was me. Carl Douglas, an amicable and lovely guy, wasn’t overly angry with me, like some superstars would have been. He actually liked what I’d taped, but with the band so far into rehearsals, nothing at that time in the game could be changed.

But the offer of going on tour, and crafting my lyrics around his act was suggested, but thats another story and part of the novel I’m writing called National Dried.

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  1. Posted by Bob Greek on March 22, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    I invented the space shuttle. I’m still awaiting royalties.


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