Dire Straits Reunion

When I left Farrer House in Deptford after I’d written the lyrics. I still felt that if the band Dire Straits was formed it would only have a life span of five years, when you consider the material that I’d written would have hardly filled a good sized L.P.

Yet in reality somehow they became the nine songs on the first Dire Straits album, and in 1985 the rest of the lyrics apart from one that was written by Mark Knopfler, were later squeezed into what became the Brothers in Arms album.

In between, Mark Knopfler tried his hand at lyric writing in the albums Communique, Love Over Gold, and Making Movies, this trick extended the band Dire Straits career until 1985, before they had to dig out from Straitjacket my lyrics for the Brother in Arms album.

A good tactical move perhaps but it wasn’t in the script that I’d agreed to, as I’d specifically told Knopfler and Illsley not to use the lyrics of Money for Nothing as Id been aiming the story in their direction, so they were sort of singing about themselves.

Maybe this brought on the lack of trust I still have with Knopfler and Illsley, for they could have at the least made the effort of trying to contact me, before they released Money for Nothing.

And its through this lack of professionalism and the I’m all right Jack from them both put me out of the picture as far as my lyrics were concerned.

You would have thought with the money they must have earned through the Dire Straits album that an ad in Melody Maker, or any of the other music magazines to try and contact me would not have broken the bank.

It was through this type of behavior that the charity John Illsley claims to represent was started, or was it.?

I was beginning to think that these guys are never going to retire, so five years ago I made a effort to contact Mark Knopfler and John Illsley regarding a reunion of the band, only to walk into the same closed doors I’d encountered when I previously tried to get in touch.

But Im going to keep on trying, as they owe me one, and we are only on this planet for a short time, and a Dire Straits reunion would be welcomed by the fans.

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