Money For Nothing

Mark Knopfler meets the ghost of Lyrics Past

Mark Knopfler meets the ghost of Lyrics Past Robert Marshal [But which one is Mark]

Money For Nothing was written and taped as I was about to leave the house in Deptford. It seemed to me that although I had written what I thought were some gems; Down South Again (Southbound Again) and of course Sultans of Swing, it seemed that the look on Mark Knopflers face didn’t seem to have the look of someone who was totally convinced that my lyrics, or as he said ‘poems’ were any good.

I then began to account what life would be like if he decided not to form a band, in fact I was trying to make a picture of how easy it was to be a guitar player, and get away from the thought of manual work, i.e. humping heavy white goods about in a super store.

The chicks for free started out as cheques for free, of course I may have been having a quick look at the future regarding the millionaire with his own jet air plane, for it seems to have come true. And if you think back to John Lennon and the Beatles doing their thing on the roof of the Apple studios, he said, “I’ve got a blister on my finger,” I said “thumb”.

And of course it was 1975 and M.T.V wasn’t yet born, or in this country so it was ITV, but in reality it was just myself trying to convince two Dire Straights, to take a chance in the music scene by, of course, using my lyrics. That, I’m so glad to say, they did and they probably do as well, considering that Money for Nothing went global. See them Yo Yo’s. Robert Marshal

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