Mark Knopfler Cancels two Shows for Human Rights


Mark Knopfler has cancelled two gigs in Russia claiming he is doing it on behalf of Human Rights? I’m all for it, but does peoples Rights not start at home, and does that not include the Rights of the lyricist who wrote the Dire Straits lyrics, to have a Right to be adequately reimbursed from the wealth his lyrics brought the band. If you are going to stand up for peoples Civil Liberties, you have to believe in them, and make sure that your clear of all sins relating to them. You cannot go preaching about some other countries injustices when your doing them yourself in this country.? And as for claiming you were a pupil at Bearsden Primary school, which you probably were, they were taught to say,”They nicked it,” not “I plagiarized it,” get a grip Mark your not a Glaswegian, and you will never be a Scot, for we believe in Human Rights and Civil Liberties, and seemingly you don’t.

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  1. Posted by Alan Macdonald on November 9, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Mark has said this year that he was a pupil of Bearsden Primary School, Bearsden, Glasgow. Not true as he lived close to me in Westerton, Bearsden and we both went to Westerton Primary School, which is in the burgh of Bearsden. When Westerton Primary School was closed down we were all transferred to Bearsden Primary, but by that time Mark and his family had moved away.


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